More Schaefer Anne Please!

My favorite sock yarn – ever – is Schaefer’s Anne. I will spare you the reasons to my adoration as it is a long list. I will tell you however, this lovely yarn can be used for lace and not-so-lace projects as well and makes for a very color resilient and absolutely lovely knitted fiber.

Schaefer Anne A Hand Painted Sock & Lace Yarn at Little Knits

I am in the middle of taking photographs of 250 or so skeins of Anne in new colors and thought a good sale would be the best way to celebrate this beautiful cornucopia of Anne colors. Couple of facts – Anne usually comes in 2-4 skein sets but due to requests we have ordered at least 6 skeins of each color line for our lace knitters who need more than 2 skeins from the same dye lot. And the second fact, Anne is going to go on sale at $19.99 (down from $25), which usually means that most colors get picked-up within an hour of listing – if you would like some and would like to have a good selection please be here on Sunday afternoon/evening.

On a more personal note, I just picked up a UFO lace project that has been sitting around for over a year! This project has 32 row repeats that result in different stitch count each row. Added to all these fun is the fact that I am knitting with deep charcoal yarn, my poor eyes. Last night I almost frogged the whole 5 feet of this project…long story short, I finally figured out which row I am on and some progress has been made. This time I am not quitting or putting it down until it is done. One last thing, my stitch tension has changed! I am a bit puzzled about this. The portion I knitted last year looks different than the portion I am knitting now. I sure hope blocking will even it all out. More later on this – I would love it if it got done by Christmas.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

Sue Fulay

PS. Diana, how am I doing?

4 thoughts on “More Schaefer Anne Please!

  1. Well, I am not Diana, but I think you are doing mighty fine.

    I really do like your blog – and like the heads up of what might be going on sale. Or is going on sale.

    And it doesn’t always have to be about yarn or knitting 🙂
    It is very tempting to want to try some of this yarn, but I have already bought WAY too much from LIttle KNITS!

  2. Ok, ok….I think you are doing mighty fine too! 🙂 I’m glad Cathy understands about the temptations too, & I’m glad other folks are buying too much yarn. 🙂 I just want to thank you & Anna for helping me yesterday on my sweater. I really appreciated it in the midst of your busy-ness! I’ve decided to take a break on it for a little bit & started a new project last night!! But I will get back to it fairly soon. It won’t be a UFO for long. I just need a little break. Time for your next blog!!

  3. For problems re knowing which row you are on – Buy pads of yellow “stickies” in an office supply store. Use them to mark your place on the pattern while you are working. This helps you find your place quickly. Then write the last completed row number on the stickie when you put your project up. This helps if the stickie should get dislodged from the copy. When it’s full, get another stickie. Cheap and accurate method, and it never mars the original pattern!

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