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Closing out Clover & Britney Needles & Crochet Hooks at 30% Off

We are closing our Clover and Britney lines in their entirety.  Everything is 30% off.  I will be sending an email to announce this and a few other big new sales within a couple of weeks.  However, if you would like to take advantage of this sale please call and order.  We have a good selection of Clovers at this time and I thought I would give you a head start – cuz you read my blog and that makes me happy. 🙂 

Closeout prices are not reflected on the website and we cannot guarantee availability so please call and order.  We are at 1.877.245.8701.

On another bit of news, I have a new hat pattern.  Nothing earth shattering but I think it is really cool and it looks nice even on my huge head – hah!  All I used was a 50 gram ball of Tilli Tomas wool, Aspen (when I bound the hat off I still had yarn left).  This yarn comes in 100 and 50 gram skeins.  Though I did knit the first 12 or so rows with Aspen’s beaded sister, Flurries.  So I am assuming that a 50 gram skein of Aspen would be just enough for this hat.  Photos are coming and once I write the pattern down that too will follow.  PS. Aspen is by far my most favorite Tilli yarn ever – just in case you care.  This yarn is a dream, it knits like and feels like cashmere and angora blended together.  It even has a slight halo like cashmere.

And another bit of news, I am test driving a skein of Cascade’s Cash Vero, Cascade’s version of cashmerino.  Here is a disclosure, at a first glance I like the yarn so we will be offering at our store.  But, I am going to try to share my frank opinion with those of you who may care to hear it.  Coming in the second half of next week.

Hope this post finds you with a smile and brings good karma your way.

Fulay (aka Sue)

Noro Silk Garden coming soon at 50% Off!

Hi All, 

Just a heads-up to let you know that we are getting 3 new colors of Silk Garden – 203, 243, 247 – and it is all going to be on sale at 50% off.  I post this here so that those of you who have selected to read this blog (and I thank you for that), get the first dibs.  Feel free to call and pre-order.  We will reserve your Silk Garden for you and will not charge you until shipment.


Fulay (aka Sue)

Fleece Artist Sock, Peter Rabbit & More – New Colors Are Here!

Fleece Artist Merino Sock Yarn at Little Knits I love getting new boxes of yarn from Fleece Artist.  I like opening them and seeing the lovely new colors and getting hit with the smell of new yarn – honest, there is such a thing. 

We received new colors of Merino Sock, Peter Rabbit and Blue Faced Leicester in lace/fingering weight.  I am photographing the new colors as fast as I can but in the interim if you feel like checking out what we have posted thus far you can see it all here.  You can also use the ‘maiden’ code to get 15% off of your Fleece Artist & Handmaiden purchases.

EDIT – The above code is no longer working as we started giving the sale price w/out the coupon.  Makes it easier for all.

Must go back to the photos…

Fulay (aka Sue)

Playing with yarn

Hi All!

I am working on getting together a knit along, with different yarn options and different end-products all from the same pattern.  My first post is below, just in case you are interested. 🙂

Pure Cashmere Scar Stole Shawl (pick one) Knit-along at Little Knits  

This time I gave the same pattern a try with a 100% cashmere, undyed and in fingering weight.  Having knit several repeats with the cashmere I can say that this yarn pattern combination would make a gorgeous wedding shawl/stole – you know ‘…something new.’  If I had a friend getting married I would make one, really I would.  Then she would have to wear it, really, she would!  Before I forget, our cashmere bloomed like angora without the sneeze but with all the beauty and the softness. 

The second try is a yarn that I expected to enjoy but I did not expect to like it this much.  This DK weight yarn is composed of merino, alpaca and silk and it is not something we carry at the store.  I received a skein as a sample so I thought I would play with it.  First it was a hat, well…that went on for 2-4 inches and got frogged.  Then it was wrist warmers, got frogged again.  Through all this abuse the yarn held its bounce and ply and did not pill, pull or hit me over the head.  Then I started a scarf with the same pattern and I love it.  Absolutely love it.  This yarn would be great for pretty much anything but works well for this scarf.  Now let’s see if I can get some in for a ridiculously low price.Alpaca Silk Scarf Knit-along at Little Knits

Get ready for the knit along…we are going to have video clips of most of the stitches so you can actually see us knitting.

Sending yarn filled best wishes to everyone who read this post from a snow bound Seattle.

Fulay (aka Sue)


If you like Tilli Tomas this SALE is for you!

We got two new lines of Tilli Tomas in – Silk Chenille, a soft and silky chenille that does not worm or shed and it is absolutely lovely with its sheen and deep velvety colors, and Silk’n Shimmer, spun silk twisted with metallic and silk chenille.  They are both lovely and will be listed with pattern support at 45-50% off!  Silk Chenille reduced from $28 to $14 and Silk’n Shimmer reduced from $32 to $17.60.

As promised, I am giving the readers of Livestitch a fairly big heads up as it is going to take me at least a week to list these yarns.  In addition, if you pre-order with a call (our 800 number is 1.877.245.8701), I will ship orders of $100 or more free of charge (US orders only).  Clearly, once the yarns are listed on the website this offer will no longer be applicable.  

Hope you are all well and warm. 🙂

Fulay (aka Sue)