Noro Silk Garden coming soon at 50% Off!

Hi All, 

Just a heads-up to let you know that we are getting 3 new colors of Silk Garden – 203, 243, 247 – and it is all going to be on sale at 50% off.  I post this here so that those of you who have selected to read this blog (and I thank you for that), get the first dibs.  Feel free to call and pre-order.  We will reserve your Silk Garden for you and will not charge you until shipment.


Fulay (aka Sue)

16 thoughts on “Noro Silk Garden coming soon at 50% Off!

  1. Hi Sue,
    I’m in a line also for a full bag of #203.It’s time to knit something beside “socks”.Anyway just to ad a comment for the sock yarns-great quality all of them.If you ever get in that Regia -antique patch please let me know,I’m thrilled!Let me know for the price on Silk garden and should I call.Cheers/Elvira

  2. Ooops already have 203 and 247 which I got from you last time. So would rather have a bag of 243. Thank you. Sorry for the confusion.

    Need to start using my stash as a mattress I am getting so much yarn.

  3. I need a bag or 2 of Noro Silk Garden 203 – are you still selling at 50% off – what would shipping cost be to Alaska?

  4. I would like to discuss getting Noro Silk Garden #203. I’d like to know how much you are charging per ball. Please let me know the cost. Where are you located?? How long will it take to get the yarn?? I am in Oakland, CA.


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