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I am working on getting together a knit along, with different yarn options and different end-products all from the same pattern.  My first post is below, just in case you are interested. 🙂

Pure Cashmere Scar Stole Shawl (pick one) Knit-along at Little Knits  

This time I gave the same pattern a try with a 100% cashmere, undyed and in fingering weight.  Having knit several repeats with the cashmere I can say that this yarn pattern combination would make a gorgeous wedding shawl/stole – you know ‘…something new.’  If I had a friend getting married I would make one, really I would.  Then she would have to wear it, really, she would!  Before I forget, our cashmere bloomed like angora without the sneeze but with all the beauty and the softness. 

The second try is a yarn that I expected to enjoy but I did not expect to like it this much.  This DK weight yarn is composed of merino, alpaca and silk and it is not something we carry at the store.  I received a skein as a sample so I thought I would play with it.  First it was a hat, well…that went on for 2-4 inches and got frogged.  Then it was wrist warmers, got frogged again.  Through all this abuse the yarn held its bounce and ply and did not pill, pull or hit me over the head.  Then I started a scarf with the same pattern and I love it.  Absolutely love it.  This yarn would be great for pretty much anything but works well for this scarf.  Now let’s see if I can get some in for a ridiculously low price.Alpaca Silk Scarf Knit-along at Little Knits

Get ready for the knit along…we are going to have video clips of most of the stitches so you can actually see us knitting.

Sending yarn filled best wishes to everyone who read this post from a snow bound Seattle.

Fulay (aka Sue)


17 thoughts on “Playing with yarn

  1. No offense, seriously, but why do you have so many deep discounts on your store? It looks like a giant sale bin and i can’t believe you make money with this kind of approach. discount discount discount. companies don’t want to sell to online stores mainly because of your kind of company. some of them even quote you. why dont you use another sale approach. no i am not a bitter competitor. i just think it is not a smart business thing. no one will buy things at regular price from u, you have established your reputation as the discounter and you are affecting the manufacturer view of online stores in a very negative way.look at others like kpixie,colorsong,webs and how sucessful they are. do you see any discounts discounts discounts like yours? on main brands? silly; you seem like a lovely person. so take this please as friendly business advice and dont keep ruining your business and cheapening good yarns

  2. Dear ‘ Nancy Drew’

    Thank you – I shall take this under advisement. I will also relay your concerns to our employees who are being paid regularly and our suppliers who are also being paid on a regular basis. For the record, we are not an IRC 501(c)(3) charity and if this was not a viable business model none of the above facts would be present.

    I would suggest you run your business exactly as you desire (and I am sure you have a business or posted this comment on behalf of a business). One correction, Webs discounts everything – you may want to pay attention to the details before posting.

    I am a nice person (I smile), and if I were to decide I was going to post a comment on a competitor’s blog I would not hide behind a sheet such as yours. A hotmail account, an untraceable AOL proxy, a fake name, please!

    Given that I am a nice person I am going to make a suggestion, please focus on your own business. This would most likely provide you with sufficient level of business and hopefully you will have little time or desire to advise us.

    Kind regards,

    Fulay (aka Sue)

  3. Ignore the bad apple, Sue. We *customers* love your shop, and that (combined with your excellent service) will keep you in the biz for years to come. As for “cheapening” their yarns… I’m sure they don’t mind when it’s featured in projects all over blogland because of the good price, sending other folks scurrying out to buy it or at least raising brand awareness.

  4. Hi Sue,
    Many thanks for all your “discounts”.You make my life a poetry.I’m addicted kniter and it really helps me so I can afford great yarns.Just got a bunch of sock yarns from your store -love them!!!
    Very greatful customer

  5. … quoi?

    I love the littleknits store, and that stuff about “cheapening” the yarn is just bollocks. Quality is quality, regardless of pricing. That’s just about the most insipid thing I’ve ever heard! I guess some people just don’t get capitalism. 🙂

  6. Discounting expensive yarns does not make them any less valuable anymore than sticking a 50$ price sticker on a ball of crap would make said crap any more valuable. To say that Little Knits is doing something wrong be making expensive [often overpriced] yarns available to those of us who couldn’t afford them otherwise is stupid.

    Nancy Drew, if you’re so offended by “giant sale bins” then please, by all means don’t descend from your pedestal to mingle with us commoners. More deals for us.

    Sue, I love, love, LOVE your discounts. I’ve gotten so many awesome yarns from Little Knits, and I would never be able to afford them without your “discounts.” Your low prices and your fantastic customer service keep me coming back.

  7. Sue,

    I love your store, discounts and all. I’ve bought yarn at regular prices and discounted yarns because your customer service is great and you and the rest of the staff are, in fact, always friendly.

    I’m a satisfied customer, and I’ll keep coming back. Keep up the good work!

  8. Having good prices on good yarn makes you look cheap? I never knew. I wonder what kind of knitter that makes me. I for one love Little Knits and your “discounts” make more yarns available for me to try and fall in love with.

  9. I like the comment about “raising brand awareness.” I purchase yarns through your online store at a discount so I can make quality garments for myself (and loved ones) that are reasonably priced. I get exposed to different companies and brands so that when I do come across them at my LYS or in my travels, I will probably make another purchase even if the price is a bit more. If I love the product, I’m going to buy it. If customer service is excellent, I’ll be back for more. With so many choices these days, it seems there is more than enough business to go around!

  10. Sue I’d just like to say that your store is great. The yarns I ordered from there were TOP quality gorgeous yarns. I really appreciated the sale prices and the GREAT customer service you gave me. Your response is very classy and totally correct!

  11. ‘Nancy’ is right, this business model will never work. Sue, your business is destined to the same fate as Amazon, and Elann.

    Er, wait a minute… damn.

  12. Sue,

    I am drawn to your website because of your professional service, friendly communication, superior merchandise and shockingly low discounts. This is why you are a favorite resource for me.

    Never take advice from an individual who (with poor grammar and punctuation) has no intention of helping, and merely wants to criticize under the guise of rhetorical questions and “concern/puzzlement” over your successful business methods.

    One lovely aspect about owning your own business is running it in a manner that allows you to enjoy your work. You have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and feel good about how you are spending your life.

    Rock on, Sue!

  13. This is the first time I’ve wandered into this blog, and was stunned to read the criticism of your store. I’m not sure if I have anything to add to the above responses to “Nancy Drew”, but I wanted to add my vote of confidence in your business, with its beautiful yarns, great service and, yes, terrific prices. The thing is, I can’t even figure out what the substance of her complaint is – she doesn’t explain HOW the discounts supposedly harm “the manufacturing view of online stores”. And I completely agree that you provide us knitters with opportunities to try yarns that we otherwise never would have had. As for her “counterexample” stores, Webs has MANY big sales/discounts on brand name yarns, and discounts ALL yarns when bought in even moderate quantity. (Sorry if that sounded like a special plug for Webs, it wasn’t intended to be; just responding to Nancy’s absurd assertions.) Sue, you are surely correct that this is some sort of disgruntled competitor. How dare they pull a cowardly stunt like that post!

    Most knitters could not afford to buy most name-brand yarns on a regular basis were they not able to find them discounted at places such as Little Knits. I have, on your site, found special yarns in special colors that I’ve been waiting for (as in waiting for a discount that’s big enough to pull the price into my budgetary range) for literally years. As a knitting fanatic, it’s hard to express the joy I felt opening the box and seeing, feeling, smelling that yarn that I was finally able to afford when I bought it from you.

    As for competition – as long as it’s all legal (and I have no doubt that it is here), it’s great for the consumer. May you go the way of Amazon, and Elann!

    Thanks SO MUCH – I really appreciate this store. Keep up the good work, Sue!

  14. Thanks to your store, and your wonderful business model, I’m back into knitting after more years than I can count…and into it in a very big way. If that doesn’t benefit all businesses having to do with knitting, I don’t know what does. The more happy customers, the more repeat business, and the more money businesses make. It can do nothing but expand. So, thanks!!!

  15. Ignoring “Nancy Drew” and echoing every good thing said about your store, Sue, which I love and which is eating all my money!! (My only complaint is all the wonderful sales you keep tempting me with!!)…
    Can we please get back to that GORGEOUS pattern up above…I LOVE it!!! Don’t know if I could knit it, as my lace skills are nil, but I just adore the look of it, especially in the fuschia-colored swatch, more closely knit. So, I’m game for a KAL–what are we going to do with it??

  16. Sue,
    you are one class act. Its because of your sales approach that I’ve ended up spending more than I intended, but always get the best bang for my buck.
    Honestly, Little Knits is swiftly becoming the only place that gets my online business. Because of your top notch service, product and affordable pricing, its a rare day I can enter your online store and not find THE perfect thing at a price I simply can not ignore.

    Well done indeed!

    (nancy drew just wishes she could be like you hehehe)

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