UPS vs. USPS – We are switching and this is why

Hi All,

If you have shopped from us in the last couple of weeks you would have seen that our primary carrier is now UPS.  Though we still ship with USPS we do it only when you select it or request it.

We/I came to the conclusion that we had to make this change after a series of painful and sad experiences with USPS.  Previously, we primarily used USPS priority mail and always added delivery confirm services to our packages.  What we thought was a failsafe system has failed us and our customers one too many times hence, the switch to UPS.

Let’s admit it, we are all human and we all make mistakes.  I suspect UPS will make mistakes and damage a package or two or may be even loose a few.  But, and that is a HUGE but, they will stand behind their service and admit their mistakes.  They also insure packages up to $100 free of charge and allow us to increase this amount to a larger $$ if needed.  Again, I am not suggesting that UPS is perfect but better than USPS by a significant margin.

Here is an objective description of a recent experience with USPS.  As we do with most of our packages, we packed labeled and shipped a one pound box to Puyallup, WA – a 20-30 min drive from our store.  The package was shipped on January 22nd via priority mail with a delivery confirm.  USPS pick-up service came and picked up all our packages including the box in question.  The box was never scanned into their system therefore the package still looks like it has not been received by USPS.  And before I forget, the package was never delivered (as of February 8th).  USPS’ response, absolutely nothing!  No accountability, no package and after multiple calls and filing of the appropriate forms no response.

If you have shopped from us it is likely that you have called or emailed us to ask us why your package was showing as ‘not received’ by the USPS system.  Again, USPS has your package, it is in delivery but it has not been scanned or recorded in any manner so no one can confirm where it is or when/whether it will be delivered.  Often, you will get the same message from the USPS system couple of days after delivery.  This is frustrating for us and for our customers hence, the switch to UPS.

The above narrative summarizes our most prominent issue – we think sending packages out via USPS is like throwing them into a great abyss.  Again, I am sure that the UPS will make mistakes but one hopes and believes that they will be accountable and stand behind the small business owner. 

I hope you don’t mind listening/reading the words of a somewhat bemused me.

Onward we go – UPS don’t fail me now!

Fulay (aka Sue)  

14 thoughts on “UPS vs. USPS – We are switching and this is why

  1. Ah, you have suffered the USPS abyss-system. We go through it all the time and we hate it! Lately they have lost various of our packages.

    I love UPS and FedEX for their reliability. My only bone to pick with UPS–it takes longer to arrive than with Priority Mail. But other than that, it is usually a better service.

  2. Good for you for making the switch! We have great USPS service here in my part of the country, but since I live outside the normal delivery area, my mail is delivered by a contract rural carrier, who thinks dropping a package somewhere near my mailbox counts as delivery – and this is true in snow, mud, ice, you name it. It takes the edge off the thrill of receiving new yarn when the package is soggy with snow or covered with mud! UPS always does the courtesy of putting the package by my front door – warm and safe and protected on the porch.

    Sorry for all the frustration you must have experienced over this. Hopefully things will be smoother from now on!

  3. I recently had a package delivered (from another company) by USPS. I have a very long driveway, and they just left the package in the middle of the driveway–not by the mailbox and not by my house. It was only by chance that I happened to go out that night and come across it. My package could easily have been damaged or stolen. I’m glad you made the switch–I hope this works out better.

  4. I recently experienced the “no delivery” by USPS on a purchase from another company. Thankfully my order was re-sent at no cost to me. So glad you are switching to UPS! I order quite often and have never had a problem with them.

  5. Good decision. Post office service is at best… well, inconsistent, let’s say. I am all the way across the country and getting here with UPS may take longer, but considering your customer service and excellent pricing, I will count is as all good and worth the wait! You don’t need that kind of stress – UPS will work with you and for you – that’s what you need. Take care….

  6. Hi Sue,

    I think your decision to switch to UPS is the right one. I never called you, as I didn’t think there was anything to be done about it, but my shipment from you before Christmas of that beautiful Classic Elite Obsession cashmere was damaged in transit. The Priority Mail box arrived crushed and opened. One ball was very slightly damaged – the yarn was cut, but only about a yard into the ball, so, as I say, it could have been a lot worse. Anyway, I’ve never had this experience with UPS. Just thought I’d offer a little more affirmation that you’re making the right decision. Best wishes to you!


  7. I know you do what you have to..but I just put in an order for about $31.80, by the time I would pay for shipping–more than $11 had been added. It just seemed excessive, and I had to cancel!! Sorry–I love doing business here, but I understand your point very well.

  8. Hi Trudy,

    I completely understand. You do know that the option of USPS is still available right? All you have to do is to pick it. It is on the screen where you decide how you would like to have your order shipped. You can opt out of UPS and pick USPS and we will send your order as requested. Just an FYI.

    We will still do our best to make sure your order gets to you safely and securely. We like seeing you at our store and I am sorry to hear that the postage was so excessive. We are in Seattle and I have noticed that UPS hits some of the East Coast states the hardest. Here is the odd part, once the order goes over two pounds the difference between 3-6 pounds is only cents if dollars.

    Best and many thanks for posting.


  9. I put in an order today. I selected USPS because the shipping was only $4.80 for priority mail it would have cost me almost $10 to go through UPS and my items don’t have to travel far, I’m in Idaho….bout 8-10 hours from Seattle. Thankfully I’ve never had a problem with my postal service. Our mailman is great and always puts our boxes under the overhang or leaves a card when the weather is nasty.

  10. I just placed an order before reading this & chose USPS. Hope it arrives ok! 🙂

    I chose USPS because I’ve had the opposite experience – UPS has destroyed packages and not wanted to pay the ‘automatic’ insurance, while USPS has lost only one package in the 4 years we’ve been shipping. FWIW, we now use DHL for most large shipments.

    Just found your online store – love it! I’m from the NW so always happy to support the area.

  11. I am glad to see that USPS is still an option. I live in an apartment complex that has nice, large locked boxes for oversized deliveries. UPS will not deliver without a signature so I need to know which shipping method will be used as UPS has to go to my office in Tacoma.

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