Do you like Cashmere?

I do, very much.  For me the biggest issue is the price – I find it prohibitive for stash enhancement purposes.  Especially for a big-project, must-make-a-giant-stole person like me (my current stole is almost 6 foot and still growing – don’t ask). 

So I have been searching for a high-end cashmere that is beautiful and affordable (no mill end, 2nd or 3rd quality, on the cone in bits and pieces stuff).  This search has been going on for a while and finally we have a 2-ply 100% cashmere and a 2-ply cashmere silk blend that is ours, a Little Knits brand.  The colors I have been able to get in thus far are all naturals, natural white, beige and black.  If you like it as much as we do and want more there will be more in different colors.  I wish you could be here and feel this incredibly delicious yarn and of course, I hope our pricing will make you very happy.

Cashmere and Cashmere Silk Yarns Little Knits Both the 100% cashmere and the cashmere silk come in 50+ gram (2 ounce), hanks with approximately 400 yards of lace/fingering weight yarn.  Both the cashmere and cashmere silk knit beautifully with cashmere silk having a bit more drape and of course the slight silky sheen.  I will be listing both yarns under the All About Lace section this weekend.  Thought I would let you know and share my first photo. 🙂

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

Fulay (aka Sue)

9 thoughts on “Do you like Cashmere?

  1. Hi Sue,
    Can’t wait to see it!Just to let you know that I’m checking your blog and yarns all the time….Yarnoholic!!!I’m indeed…

  2. Ohhhh Sue you hoodoo woman you.

    Lately I’ve literally been dreaming about lace though I’ve yet to enter that area of the knitterly art. How can I possibly pass this clear sign that a lace project must begin immediately?

    How did you know?

    I need help however. I am a complete fine lace beginner, so would greatly appreciate some advice on patterns that wont scar me for life.

    Thanks for understanding 😉

  3. Sue,

    Just received my Indie! I’m at work and can’t quit petting it. Yummiest thing I’ve seen ever. I was just at Stitches and purchased some very nice Australian cashmere – but yours beats it hands down.

    For Dana, try using Jane Sowerby’s book, Victorian Lace Today. She rates the patterns for difficulty and there are some very easy ones that are lovely. Her instructions are quite clear, the history is fascinating and there are lots of helps along the way.

  4. Hi Sue,
    Can’t resist you cashmere so I’m thinking about knitting some (black and white)socks.How it’ll wear?Thanks/Elvira

  5. Elvira,

    While socks made with Indie would feel wonderful and look great, it would not wear well as it would be too fine for frequent use. That being said, if you wanted to make a pair of socks in which to hang out at home without putting too much mileage (in shoes or otherwise), I would say go for it.

    I think this would be a great question to post on socknitters group of yahoo. Do you belong? If you do not join and ask – you will get straight and unbiased answers from knitters who might have already knitted socks with a 100% cashmere yarn.

    Hope I have been some help. 🙂

    Sue Fulay

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