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A New Sock Yarn

I just finished working on the photographs of our new sock yarn, Steinback Wolle Aktiv Effekt, which is a self-striping 75% wool 25% poly sock yarn.  Aktiv Effekt comes in 100 gram balls with 460 yards, which makes one ball sufficient for a pair of average size adult socks.

Steinback Wolle Aktiv Effekt Sock Yarn at Little Knits Two aspects of this yarn impressed me the most, the depth of the colors used and its softness.  This yarn has a very soft hand and of course, it is machine washable.

Steinbach Wolle Aktiv Effekt Sock Yarn at Little Knits My post on Aktiv Effekt was delayed as I could not get knitted sock photos and I still don’t have one (we received an ad photo from the distributor but it is a group shot and cannot really be used).  I have a request, if you have a photo of socks that you have knitted or will knit with any of the colors of Aktiv Effekt we carry, I would love to have it.  So please let me know if you have some photos – with your permission I will post them here and/or at the product page.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Sue (Fulay)

Rebecca is here!

Rebecca Magazine at Little Knits Just a quick note to let you know that we now carry Rebecca Magazine at Little Knits.  I have listed some of the most recent issues and I will be listing 20 or so more later tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will also list a brand spanking new yarn by Hand Maiden – in my humble opinion the most luscious yarn that has ever come from Hand Maiden.  Yes, I think this yarn is just as delicious – OK – even more delicious than Sea Silk (please don’t be mad at me – covering head with hands).

It is bed time in Seattle and Jimmy Kimmel is almost over.  I say we all quit for the night and get some rest. 🙂

Sue Fulay

A Spring Cotton Special – Coming soon to Little Knits!

I have been quiet as we have been a little lonesome and busy at the store.  Ana, our store manager, left us for greener pastures.  I say good for her!  For us this meant buckling down, working long hours and interviewing new yarn-lovers to fill her shoes.

While this is all going on I wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that within the next two weeks we will be listing 4 very lovely cotton yarns from various manufacturers on closeout specials.  First one will be listed this Wednesday and it is Patagonia Nature Cotton from Araucania yarns. 

Patagonia Nature Cotton at Little Knits This lovely yarn has a slightly thick and thin texture, it is hand dyed and it is very soft.   Nature Cotton is great for next to skin items and makes lovely summer throws and baby blankets.  The colors we have in stock have subtle and some not-so-subtle color on color variations in spring and summer hues.

It is well past my bed time here in Seattle.  So for now it is a good night with more to come later.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Sue Fulay

News, News, News!

Fleece Artist Sea Wool at Little Knits We just received our Fleece Artist Sea Wool (their new sock yarn with sea cell), and we are photographing away.  We hope to post starting this weekend.  Did you know that the yarn comes with a free pattern called Bordello Sock (photo shown)?

Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in DK & Worsted Weights at Little Knits We have kicked off first of our many Spring and Summer sales with Debbie Bliss yarn closeouts including, Cashmerino Superchunky, Baby Cashmerino, Alpaca Silk DK, Alpaca Silk and Cotton DK all on sale at 45-65% off!

Final bit of news, we are going to close out our Cascade line in its entirety and the prices will start reflecting this process.  If you wanted to get in on any of the Cascade yarn lines this is the time.

Hope you are all enjoying nice weather at your neck of the woods.

Fulay (aka Sue)

TONS (and I mean tons), of new sock yarn on sale!!!

I finally finished posting all the new colors of On Line sock yarns that we have listed on sale at 50-53% off.  Here is a quick summary:

On Line Sierra Color sock yarn on sale at Little Knits On Line Sierra is a 4-ply self-striping sock yarn with almost like a tweedy effect in between the lines (4-ply = average and most common sock weight).  Sierra is put up in 100 gram skeins, which is sufficient for a pair of average size adult socks and it is on sale at 50% off.  And, yes, this yarn is machine washable.

On Line Tropic Color sock yarn on Sale at Little Knits On Line Tropic is another 4-ply sock yarn that is also self patterning with a jacquard pattern.  We have only 10 skeins of each color line so please hurry if you would like to have some of this line.  Tropic is on sale at 50% off and again, it is machine washable.

On Line Sock Yarn - Not-so-Winter 6-Ply On Line Not-so-Winter is a 6-ply sock yarn (a thicker gauge than the 4 ply), and comes in BIG 150 gram skeins.  I was actually able to knit a pair of socks with this yarn for my husband’s size 13.5 feet and had plenty of yarn for a longish cuff (I have only knitted one sock and have not started the other pair – confessions of a UFO queen).  Not-so-Winter is also good for baby and children’s garments as it knits up faster than your average sock yarn and again. it is machine washable.  Not-so-Winter is on sale at 53% off!

With the hopes that this may entice you a tiny bit more, we have a free shipping coupon for purchases of $75 of these three lines (coupon code ‘line’), or you can use the same free shipping coupon for $75 purchases form The Big Sock Sale section.

I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Fulay (aka Sue)