A Spring Cotton Special – Coming soon to Little Knits!

I have been quiet as we have been a little lonesome and busy at the store.  Ana, our store manager, left us for greener pastures.  I say good for her!  For us this meant buckling down, working long hours and interviewing new yarn-lovers to fill her shoes.

While this is all going on I wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that within the next two weeks we will be listing 4 very lovely cotton yarns from various manufacturers on closeout specials.  First one will be listed this Wednesday and it is Patagonia Nature Cotton from Araucania yarns. 

Patagonia Nature Cotton at Little Knits This lovely yarn has a slightly thick and thin texture, it is hand dyed and it is very soft.   Nature Cotton is great for next to skin items and makes lovely summer throws and baby blankets.  The colors we have in stock have subtle and some not-so-subtle color on color variations in spring and summer hues.

It is well past my bed time here in Seattle.  So for now it is a good night with more to come later.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Sue Fulay

5 thoughts on “A Spring Cotton Special – Coming soon to Little Knits!

  1. Did Imiss this sale? I LOVE this yarn and was hoping to get some more colors! Please let me know when it is available! Thanks.

  2. Add me as well. I’ve been hoping you’d be getting some at some point. I’ll be checking the store often to see when it pops up! Yum.

  3. How about some info on avoiding the dreaded “potholder effect” when knitting with cotton yarn (except the very finest)? I made a worsted-weight cotton sweater once, and it was so stiff and heavy it was almost unwearable — like wearing a giant potholder.

  4. Helen,

    I had to think about this a little.

    Here is my personal experience (which I hope will help).

    I never use worsted weight cotton yarn for sweaters and if I had to I would make a garment that would be very open and lacy to decrease the amount of yarn that I would need to finish the sweater. I almost always use DK weight or lighter cottons and I like to work with mercerized cottons and cotton/linen blends as they tend to be lighter in weight and wear. Even with those I try to make my sweaters, shells and/or cardis as lacey and open as possible.

    Does that help?


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