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Fleece Artist Sea Wool at Little Knits We just received our Fleece Artist Sea Wool (their new sock yarn with sea cell), and we are photographing away.  We hope to post starting this weekend.  Did you know that the yarn comes with a free pattern called Bordello Sock (photo shown)?

Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in DK & Worsted Weights at Little Knits We have kicked off first of our many Spring and Summer sales with Debbie Bliss yarn closeouts including, Cashmerino Superchunky, Baby Cashmerino, Alpaca Silk DK, Alpaca Silk and Cotton DK all on sale at 45-65% off!

Final bit of news, we are going to close out our Cascade line in its entirety and the prices will start reflecting this process.  If you wanted to get in on any of the Cascade yarn lines this is the time.

Hope you are all enjoying nice weather at your neck of the woods.

Fulay (aka Sue)

8 thoughts on “News, News, News!

  1. Not that your prices aren’t fantastic already, but is there any chance that the Cascade Eco Wool might go down even further than its usual 15% off?

  2. I had to start knitting the Fleece Artist Socks (putting aside my other four projects), love the feeling and colors of the yarn, and that is what it’s all about for me, THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO TRY THIS YARN — Carolyn

  3. LOL, Girl, I t hink that you live in my head when it comes to yarn! The exact DB yarn that I was looking for at one of my lys’s that is having a moving sale was sold out and now you have….and the topper is, your prices is still lower than her giant moving sale! You Rock, my friend!!

  4. Well, I’m back….I had to wait for payday to order the bag of DB alpaca silk that I wanted and I have been sitting at the computer for an embarrassing amount of time deciding on the color, thought I might change my mind from the original color that I wanted….well, of course, I got the red I wanted to begin with, LOL!
    AND, I completely missed the cool new sock yarn with sea cell…I’ll have something to look forward to for the next order!
    Thanks for your help with my stash enhancement this week!

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