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First in a Series of Luxury Sales – Tilli Tomas

I have been thinking about the yarns we carry at the store, some of which (most of which) are listed at our webstore and some are not.  So I decided we should have a series of sales that focus on our high-end yarns.  What do you think?  And, I thought I would kick the series with Tilli Tomas

Tilli Tomas Exotica at Little Knits I am not done listing all our new colors in the current yarn lines and…we have a new line, Exotica!  We have closeout colors in this yarn line on sale at 40% off.

Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple at Little Knits Here is a new color of Pure and Simple called Stormy Waters that is just lovely in person.

Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple at Little Knits And here is another new color for Pure and Simple yarn called the Forest.  Don’t you think its pretty?

I am late to the store so this is going to be a short post.  I have lost more to share and will post again tomorrow.

Sending sunshine your way!

Fulay – she who has no control over sunshine.

New Sock Yarns – A Sale & Free Shipping

Just in case you did not notice, a quick FYI to let you know that we received new colors of On Line sock yarns.

On Line Beach Color at Little Knits The first one is the On Line Beach color.  Appropriately Beach Color has 45% cotton content and it is very soft.  As I type this post, I am wearing a pair of socks knitted with this yarn (a sample that came with the yarn, I admit I did not knit them), and they have gone through 2 machine washings and held up their shape and their color wonderfully.  They have also gotten softer and my feet are happy to be in them.  The color line I have on is #943, Pink, Lilac & Plum Gerber Daises by the Sea, and I have 4 requests for socks for this color line.  It is very Spring/Summer like, and light without being washed out.  There are 8 Beach Color lines for your viewing pleasure.

On Line Summer in the City at Little Knits The next line is called Summer in the City, and this line has slightly deeper color set with jewel tones.  Summer in the City is also a self-patterning yarn with thick and thin stripes and jacquard like breaks between the stripes.  I have found 3 sample sock sets for this yarn line (again came with the yarn and not knitted by anyone at the store), and they were all ‘taken’ home by friends & customers.  I can imagine wearing this around Seattle in my sandals, though I could not have been able to do the same thing in my previous hometown in Pittsburgh, which I imagine is having warmer weather than we have in Seattle right now.

I know I am going off topic now but if you are a Pittsburgher and have any news of the town or the Strip District (much like an international district and has nothing to do anyone shedding their clothes), please do drop a line and let me know.

On Line Tropic Color sock yarn on Sale at Little Knits Finally, On Line Tropic is back!  When we first got in Tropic, it sold out within 2-3 days so when our distributor ‘found’ some in their warehouse I jumped on it.  The color lines of Tropic are simply beautiful and the yarn does justice to the pattern with its distinct separation of lines and color to color transition.

We have a total of 5 On Line sock lines that come in a total of 40+ colors.  To see them all go to On Line Sock Yarns and all US purchases of $75 of On Line sock yarns in any combination ships free with the ‘line’ free shipping coupon (to be used at checkout).

Well, I am heading to the store with morning coffee in hand, which makes me smile.  I have rather big yarn related news coming up that I hope will make you smile.  Watch for a post in the next two days!

Fulay (aka Sue)

Lady Godiva in new colors

We received a new shipment of Lady Godiva a short while ago and I finally had a moment to take the photos of the lovely new colors of this beautiful 50% merino 50% silk yarn by Hand Maiden.

Hand Maiden's LAdy Godiva in Amethyst at Little Knits This specific color is called Amethyst.  I have always liked Amethyst the stone and this new Lady Godiva color makes me want go search for a piece of jewelry made with Amethyst.  Isn’t she lovely?

Lady Godiva in Blackberry at Little Knits This new color is called Blackberry and it is just as scrumptious.

Lady Godiva in Mahogany at Little Knits Finally, Mahogany is another new color for Lady Godiva at our store with beautiful deep browns, bronze, gold and walnut hues.  All of our Lady Godiva colors are up at the site for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

Fulay (aka Sue)



Peru Luxury DK – Kersten’s (Independent) Review

Kersten has been with me as a customer for a long time.  She has known us (us being Little Knits), from toddler stages and on.  She is a very decisive knitter who knows what she wants and needs before she walks into the store.  It is not unusual for her to walk into the store and with Swiss precision go through a list of projects and the yarn she needs.  So when she told me that she really liked working with Peru Luxury DK and was going to snap up a bag without plans of a project first, I was surprised…and, of course, happy.  I then asked her to share her experience with me and Kersten being who she is, did precisely as asked and kindly shared all the below info with me/us.  Kersten thank you so much! 

Here is a copy of Kersten’s email and her photos:


Had to let you know what a great find Peru DK is!  I admit that I was a bit skeptical about a $2.99 ball of yarn (is Red Heart that inexpensive??) having the potential to create a garment I’d be happy with. But not being one to scorn good knitting karma, I bought a bag.

Kersten's Ribena (from I chose Ribena, from the most recent issue of Knitty for the Peru DK.

Kersten's Gauge Swatch The wool/alpaca/silk blend gives enough warmth for our unpredictable spring weather and yet is comfortable enough to wear next to the skin. I was quite pleased with the stitch definition. 

Peru Luxury DK Texture Swatch After a wash, there is an ever so slight bloom that enhances the yarn’s softness. The fiber blend kept its memory nicely.  I did not notice any fading or bleeding of the color. 

Kersten's Ribena I have worn the sweater several times and am just now noticing one or two little pills in the armpits.

As you know, I have become a Peru DK repeat offender, having purchased a second bag this past weekend.  I still haven’t decided what it will be, but I’m sure I’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Thanks again!


New Austermann STEP & Trekking XXL Colors

Just a quick note to let you know that we have lovely new colors in for Austerman STEP and for Trekking XXL.

Austerman STEP new colors at Little Knits New Austermann STEP colors are deep and vivid with lots of jewel tones.  We really like the new colors and hope you do too.

New Trekking XXL colors at Little Knits New Trekking XXL colors are still being listed (as we receive them from our distributor).  Some of them have been at our store before and some have not.

Finally, purchases of Trekking XXL and STEP totaling $75 (the total for these two yarn lines has to be $75), will ship free for US purchases with the ‘summersock’ code to be used at checkout.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

Fulay (aka Sue)