Lady Godiva in new colors

We received a new shipment of Lady Godiva a short while ago and I finally had a moment to take the photos of the lovely new colors of this beautiful 50% merino 50% silk yarn by Hand Maiden.

Hand Maiden's LAdy Godiva in Amethyst at Little Knits This specific color is called Amethyst.  I have always liked Amethyst the stone and this new Lady Godiva color makes me want go search for a piece of jewelry made with Amethyst.  Isn’t she lovely?

Lady Godiva in Blackberry at Little Knits This new color is called Blackberry and it is just as scrumptious.

Lady Godiva in Mahogany at Little Knits Finally, Mahogany is another new color for Lady Godiva at our store with beautiful deep browns, bronze, gold and walnut hues.  All of our Lady Godiva colors are up at the site for your viewing pleasure.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

Fulay (aka Sue)



2 thoughts on “Lady Godiva in new colors

  1. That Mahogany is a dreamboat. Even with my limited knitting skills, I can imagine it would knit up beautifully. As a crocheter and designer, though, my fingers are itching to play.

    I’ve promised myself, though, that I will not purchase anymore yarn. At least until I unload some others. Ha!

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