Peru Luxury DK – Kersten’s (Independent) Review

Kersten has been with me as a customer for a long time.  She has known us (us being Little Knits), from toddler stages and on.  She is a very decisive knitter who knows what she wants and needs before she walks into the store.  It is not unusual for her to walk into the store and with Swiss precision go through a list of projects and the yarn she needs.  So when she told me that she really liked working with Peru Luxury DK and was going to snap up a bag without plans of a project first, I was surprised…and, of course, happy.  I then asked her to share her experience with me and Kersten being who she is, did precisely as asked and kindly shared all the below info with me/us.  Kersten thank you so much! 

Here is a copy of Kersten’s email and her photos:


Had to let you know what a great find Peru DK is!  I admit that I was a bit skeptical about a $2.99 ball of yarn (is Red Heart that inexpensive??) having the potential to create a garment I’d be happy with. But not being one to scorn good knitting karma, I bought a bag.

Kersten's Ribena (from I chose Ribena, from the most recent issue of Knitty for the Peru DK.

Kersten's Gauge Swatch The wool/alpaca/silk blend gives enough warmth for our unpredictable spring weather and yet is comfortable enough to wear next to the skin. I was quite pleased with the stitch definition. 

Peru Luxury DK Texture Swatch After a wash, there is an ever so slight bloom that enhances the yarn’s softness. The fiber blend kept its memory nicely.  I did not notice any fading or bleeding of the color. 

Kersten's Ribena I have worn the sweater several times and am just now noticing one or two little pills in the armpits.

As you know, I have become a Peru DK repeat offender, having purchased a second bag this past weekend.  I still haven’t decided what it will be, but I’m sure I’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Thanks again!


5 thoughts on “Peru Luxury DK – Kersten’s (Independent) Review

  1. i’m so happy i just ordered a bag of this! i can’t wait to get it…i have a few patterns in mind but nothing for sure until i knit up a swatch.

  2. Katie,

    I agree!

    I recently finished a cardigan for my 2 year old (for the next fall/winter), and it looks absolutely beautiful and it was a pleasure to knit. I just started a fitted top for myself that I am ‘designing’ as I go along. I am using the cinnamon red color, it is so lovely.

    Have fun with your yarn and enjoy the finished project.

    Sue Fulay

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