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Jade Sapphire Special Edition 100% Cashmere

Jade Sapphire Special Edition at Little Knits - Ruby Slippers Have you ever knitted with a 100% cashmere yarn?  If yes, then you know the hand, the feel and the satisfaction of seeing a garment finalized with the ultimate yarn experience.  Now lets add to the equation the colors of Jade Sapphire, which results in Jade Sapphire Special Edition Cashmere, a 100% cashmere 2-ply yarn (lace to light fingering), that comes in BIG 90 gram skeins with 640 yards.

Jade Sapphire Special Edition at Little Knits - Carribean Mist When the nice folks at Jade Sapphire offered this limited edition yarn to us I jumped with a smile on my face.  Then we sat down and decided how to divide the limited amount of skeins they had into a good color spectrum – I hope you like our color selection.

Peacock Feathers Shawl by Fiddlesticks Knitting at Little Knits Second was the patterns with which to pair this lovely yarn which is when we decided on Fiddlesticks Knitting, Heart Strings and Fiber Trends patterns.  Of course, we should not forget Bad Cat Designs.

Jade Sapphire Special Edition at Little Knits - Plum Crazy Then came the pricing.  The standard 55 gram skeins of cashmere 2-ply by Jade Sapphire is regularly sold at $38-$40 (with 400 yards/skein), making the approximate price of SE $64 (Special Edition comes in 90 gram skeins with 640 yards).  We then compared SE to Classic Elite’s Embrace, a 250 gram 100% cashmere yarn (worsted weight), that retails at $280 a hank – if we were to price Special Edition based on this product, per skein price for SE would be $100.  We hope you like our price better.

Jade Sapphire Special Edition at Little Knits - Everglades Finally, if you purchase 2 skeins of SE you can have your order shipped free (US orders only), OR have a free pattern, OR have a free set of Addi circular needles (Turbo or Lace).  Simply purchase 2 skeins of SE and indicate which free offer you would like in the additional information window and we will take care of the rest.  The order repeats for each two skeins ordered.  So if you order 4 skeins you can have a free set of Addis and free shipping, etc.

Hope you like Jade Sapphire Special Edition Cashmere.  We have fallen in love with this scrumptious cashmere yarn.

Fulay (aka Sue)