Daily Archives: June 13, 2007

News from Seattle – What’s hapenning @ Little Knits?

I have quite a few things cooking (over 40 new yarns lines, sales, etc.), and I am also trying to knit on the side and record a couple of video-casts.  Here is a quick peak at a few things that are almost ready for view.

Hand Maiden Sea Silk at Little Knits We received 20 boxes of Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden yarns filled with new colors and new lines.  This photograph shows a new color line, Amethyst, in Sea Silk.  I really like Amethyst as a semi-precious stone but I would be willing to give it up for a life time supply of Sea Silk in this color line. 🙂

Fleece Artist Nova Socks at Little Knits We also have a new sock line from Fleece Artist, Nova Socks.  It is similar to Fleece Artist’s regular merino sock line with a softer hand and slightly (very slightly), thicker weight – difference would be less than 1/8 of a stitch per inch.  This new yarn takes color beautifully and will come with free sock patterns.

Araucania Nature Cotton at Little Knits Araucania Nature Wool is back at our store and will be listed on sale at 45% off.  This is a worsted weight 100% wool yarn that knits and felts beautifully, which comes in kettle-dyed color-on-color hue variations.

Simple socks in Wool Cotton Blend And, finally, I finished the night with kicking my heels up (literally), to share with you a basic pair of socks I knit with On Line Beach Color (Color #943 – Gerber Daisies).  The cotton wool blend of this yarn is ideal for socks that can be worn in Seattle’s ever so changing summer weather (we had high 70s a few weeks ago and lately we have been in the mid-60s).  The lighting is really bad with my feet up to the ceiling, the flash clashing with the luminescent lights so the colors did not come out well.  Please imagine these socks with pastel pink, peach, lilac, blue and apple green and feel free to laugh at the image of me lying on the floor with feet up in the air trying to get a good shot of my socks.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

Fulay (aka Sue)