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New Sea Wool Colors & A Brief Review

I¬† have been digging myself out of a HUGE shipment of Fleece Artist & Hand Maiden yarns including Sea Wool – not a painful task, I assure you. ūüôā¬†

Fleece Artist Sea Wool at Little Knits I do have a couple of new favorite colors including the one showing here called Blackberry and the other being Jester.  They just look extra pretty to my Spring/Summer eyes. 

Fleece Artist Sea Wool at Little Knits A quick reminder, Sea Wool comes with a free sock pattern called Bordello Socks Рpattern printed on sock label (extra wide and printed on card stock, which will keep and it not flimsy). 

And, here is a quick feedback from Kersten, a customer and a friend of mine – thank you Kersten!¬† If you read our blog regularly you would remember¬†Kersten’s Peru Luxury DK review.¬† Here is what Kersten had to say:

Anything named, See Wool, oops√Ę‚ā¨¬¶Sea Wool is right up my alley. Not that I need the subliminal suggestion, thank you very much.¬† I love the pair of Jaywalkers I made with the sister yarn, Fleece Artist Merino, so I had high hopes for this one. ¬†

Sea Wool is just a tad heavier than the Fleece Artist 100% merino.  A blend of 70% merino and 30% Seacell, it has a hint of shine and knits a garment that is ever so slightly silky.  Perfect for a pair of machine washable socks.

Sea Wool Pattern Closeup¬†The pattern I used is one I tailored.¬† The construction is based on Widdershins, Knitty.com Summer 2006, and the pattern is a 3×1 rib.¬†

Sea Wool Sock Heel Closeup¬†I knit my pair on #2 DPNs, which created a fabric that was neither too stiff nor too flimsy.¬† While knitting I noticed the rare slub of undyed fiber.¬† As the yarn is a variegated, it really was not noticeable in the finished product.¬† The slubs did remove quite easily with the flick of a needle. ¬†The variegation was executed perfectly!¬† No color pooling at all.Kersten's Sea Wool Socks¬†The label claims there are 385 yards to a skein.¬† I had plenty of yarn to make nearly-knee-high socks for my size 10 feet. That’s what I call a skein!KerstenPlease feel free to use all info and pictures.¬†¬†