New Sea Wool Colors & A Brief Review

I  have been digging myself out of a HUGE shipment of Fleece Artist & Hand Maiden yarns including Sea Wool – not a painful task, I assure you. 🙂 

Fleece Artist Sea Wool at Little Knits I do have a couple of new favorite colors including the one showing here called Blackberry and the other being Jester.  They just look extra pretty to my Spring/Summer eyes. 

Fleece Artist Sea Wool at Little Knits A quick reminder, Sea Wool comes with a free sock pattern called Bordello Socks – pattern printed on sock label (extra wide and printed on card stock, which will keep and it not flimsy). 

And, here is a quick feedback from Kersten, a customer and a friend of mine – thank you Kersten!  If you read our blog regularly you would remember Kersten’s Peru Luxury DK review.  Here is what Kersten had to say:

Anything named, See Wool, oops…Sea Wool is right up my alley. Not that I need the subliminal suggestion, thank you very much.  I love the pair of Jaywalkers I made with the sister yarn, Fleece Artist Merino, so I had high hopes for this one.  

Sea Wool is just a tad heavier than the Fleece Artist 100% merino.  A blend of 70% merino and 30% Seacell, it has a hint of shine and knits a garment that is ever so slightly silky.  Perfect for a pair of machine washable socks.

Sea Wool Pattern Closeup The pattern I used is one I tailored.  The construction is based on Widdershins, Summer 2006, and the pattern is a 3×1 rib. 

Sea Wool Sock Heel Closeup I knit my pair on #2 DPNs, which created a fabric that was neither too stiff nor too flimsy.  While knitting I noticed the rare slub of undyed fiber.  As the yarn is a variegated, it really was not noticeable in the finished product.  The slubs did remove quite easily with the flick of a needle.  The variegation was executed perfectly!  No color pooling at all.Kersten's Sea Wool Socks The label claims there are 385 yards to a skein.  I had plenty of yarn to make nearly-knee-high socks for my size 10 feet. That’s what I call a skein!KerstenPlease feel free to use all info and pictures.  

6 thoughts on “New Sea Wool Colors & A Brief Review

  1. Love the yarn, hate the pattern! What? you ask. I have tried the Bordello pattern on the back of the sea wool label. First time I cut it down since I am a loose knitter. Nope, couldn’t get it over my instep. OK, back to the original pattern (which is lovely by the way). I am now beyond the gusset decreases and it still will not go comfortably over the foot…no problem with this in the past. There is just not enough stretch to this pattern (chevrons) for it to work.
    Am I the only one who has had problems with the pattern? Help. I knit about 2-3 pair of socks a week normally so it’s not that I am inexperienced at sock knitting, but I just am at a standstill w/this…and I love the way it knits up…just doesn’t stretch enough.
    I am thinking I may have to try this pattern in Cascade Fixation just to see if I can get it to fit that way.

  2. It’s not you. I had a similar experience with the Jaywalker pattern; chevrons are not stretchy. I would encourage you to try a different pattern with this yarn–just not a chevron!

  3. I feel your pain. I, too, LOVE the look of the Sea Bordello pattern. I’m a loose knitter, but that sock wouldn’t stretch over my size 6 foot, knitted on size 2 needles. So I am now knitting up my Sea Wool in a baby cable ribbed pattern and it fits just fine. That’s a good idea to try the Bordello sock in Fixation.

  4. Thank you Carie! I was not aware of this pattern and I am going to
    give it a try with a new sock yarn by Fleece Artist called Somoko (not
    available for sale just yet), to see if I like the yarn. 🙂

  5. The first time I knit Bordello I increased 8 stitches. I knew there was no way 60 stitches was going around these size 11 feet. 1 stitch in each of the knit sections in between the increase/decrease equals 8 stitches. Worked great. I have made 2 pair of Bordello and 2 other pairs of socks with Sea Wool.. LOVE SEA WOOL!

  6. I was amazed at the way the fabric remains flexible at tighter tensions. I did some samples to see where the fabric would become stiff and unpleasant, and I ran out of willingness to knit at those gauges before the fabric got unpleasant. I ended up making a baby hat and booties.

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