Mystery Stole 3 in Goby – Version I

I am sure some of you know of the Mystery Stole 3 knit-along (MS3), with 6000+ knitters joining in the conversation.

I am knitting several versions of the MS3, to see what it would look like with different yarns.  I love knitting lace (that is putting it mildly – I love the magic of lace, what one can do with lace stitches always amazes me).  I also like to experiment with different weights of yarn while knitting lace, which is how this post came about.

OnLine Goby in Subtle Rose - Little Knits When deciding on which yarns to try for MS3 I did not limit myself to lace and fingering weight yarns and picked from yarns that I liked including Goby, a 35% viscose and 65% cotton yarn by OnLine yarns.  OnLine Goby in Ruby Red - Little Knits On skein this is a beautiful yarn, with its silky sheen and softness and viscose peaking in and out of the cotton fiber.  It looks like a little jewel.

Mystery Stole 3 Detail I cast on and knitted my MS3 with US size 7 needles (4.5mm).  I started with bamboo needles and really did not like the experience.  The viscose content of Goby did not do well with my old bamboo needles either.  So I switched to Addi Turbos, and this worked better but was not really what I wanted either.  I finally tried my Addi Lace needles and found the right needle for Goby, the pointed ends of these needles worked very well.

MS3 knitted with OnLine Goby I stopped this version of MS3 when my first ball of Goby ran out of yarn, which was not sufficient to finish clue #1 (which has 100 rows), but came close to it. 


MS3 knitted with Goby When I compare this MS3 to the other versions I find that it is larger and more substantial and would make a lovely summer/fall stole.  It has great drape and the yarn shows its sheen very well.  That being said, I will not complete my Goby MS3.  I am going to make a cardigan with Goby instead. 🙂

One more version coming up later this week, as soon as I finish one more clue.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

5 thoughts on “Mystery Stole 3 in Goby – Version I

  1. Fulay,

    MS 3 is gorgeous in Goby! I would never have thought to make it that heavy. WOW!!! I can’t wait to see what other yarns you’ve auditioned. And I want to see your “real” MS 3 too. Please post at your earliest opportunity. Please.


  2. Karma,

    I love the way this yarl looks on skein. I am looking for something open and almost lacey that but I want the over all pattern to fit well on me – does that make sense. I was thinking something like this Schaefer Anne pattern on Knitty but clearly the gauge is wrong. So I am looking. Let me know if you know something that would work better with this yarn. please.

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