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This post is for Hilary who knows good yarn. ūüôā¬† Hi Hilary!

I¬†know it has been a while since I posted and my excuse, a¬†good one, I have taken over 1000 frames of photos of new hand painted yarns of all kinds.¬† And, and…I am participating in the big knit-along for¬†MS3 (Mystery Stole 3).¬† And, as if knitting one was not enough, I am knitting a few versions of MS3 with different weight yarns.¬† More on that on my next post.

Fleece Artist Nova Sock at Little Knits So I finally got all of the Fleece Artist Nova Sock colors up.  I hope you enjoy them Рwe love how Fleece Artist colors show on this yarn.  Since I have posted about Nova Socks before I will keep this portion of my post short and sweet with a little hint on new sock yarns that are coming out from Fleece Artist & Hand Maiden with unique fiber compositions.  We hope to have some in by mid to late August. 

Fleece Artist Country MO at Little Knits We were also lucky to get in Country MO as a closeout, a 100% mohair yarn hand painted by Fleece Artist.  The folks at Fleece Artist were nice enough to share couple of patterns with us:

Lady of the Lake by Fleece Artist at Little Knits Lady of the Lake has directions for three sizes with small, medium and large, and uses 4/4/5 skeins of Country MO. 

Fleece Artist Celtic Vest at Little Knits¬†Celtic Vest was designed for Fleece Artist’s Scotian Silk yarn but we think it could be knitted with Country MO with minimal adjustments.¬† Directions are given for a 38” bust fit and we believe two skeins of Country MO would be sufficient for this pattern.

And…here is a quick review of Country MO by our own Kersten:

Ever notice how beautiful people seem to instantly be forgiven for all their faults?? Well, I’m having the same experience with Country MO.

Fleece Artist Country MO at Little Knits¬†Like any skein of FA yarn, Country MO is beautiful to just look at and hold. No need to wind or knit or otherwise bother. But I’m a knitter, and winding and knitting is what I do. I wind wool in my kitchen. The swift is clamped to the table and the ball winder to the seat of a chair. I carefully untwisted the skein and mounted it on the swift. The minute I started winding, I knew I was in trouble. Let’s just say that Country MO sheds with a capital √Ę‚ā¨ňúS’.¬† The vacuum got hauled out to clean up the mess. But all was forgiven once I looked at the wound Country MO; it is just as beautiful¬†in a ball¬†as it is on the skein.

OK, so being a glutton for punishment, I decided to knit with MO while wearing black pants. There was little shedding! No way, you say. No kidding. I guess whatever loose fibers were in the skein flew off into my kitchen during winding. Besides, did I mention this is gorgeous yarn??

Fleece Artist Country MO at Little Knits¬†Knitting with Country MO certainly gave me a greater appreciation for Fleece Artist. The yarn has a¬†gorgeous sheen. The twist is loose and is similar in weight to Cascade Pastaza. There is a halo, as with all mohair yarn. My washed and blocked swatch did not show any fading at all. It has been living in my purse for the last week (don’t ask, I don’t usually test drive swatches). To my surprise, there has not been any pilling, matting, or shedding that I can tell.

Felting is not such a hot idea. I tried this one.  DH commented, Nice mice when he saw my felted swatches.  Long mohair fibers mean long-haired felted swatches. If you have the desire to make a felted shag-like rug, this would work beautifully! Or furry cat toys. Or a wig.

Country MO does have an itch factor. It was lessened somewhat by washing, but is still noticeable. It would be perfect for outerwear. This heavy worsted/bulky mohair would definitely be warm. With 200+ yards per skein, there’s enough for all kinds of accessories.

On #9, my gauge is 12st x 20rows/4 , after blocking. My felting was done using #11 and #15. Both worked equally well for felting.

Gorgeous colorways, generous skein size, soft, squishy mohair. FA is a dye wizard. Her artistry is apparent in Country MO.

9 thoughts on “Wish you were here

  1. Fujay – it was very nice to meet you today. I had a blast visiting with you! Thank you so much and I love my MO! I want to cast on tonight! Good luck with your Bernese dogs! I’ll be visiting again soon!

  2. Hi Naomi!

    I really enjoyed meeting you as well. Did you cast on? How far are you with your lady of the lake?

    I am calling about the rescue tomorrow and I am waiting to hear on puppies. Wish me luck. This is a long time dream…to have a dog.

    Come back soon – you can simply sit and knit and watch us run around. We always have coffee, tea and good cold water.


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