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North West Needle Market & Other Good Stuff

Last weekend Seattle had its own little TNNA, North West Needle Market show.  For some strange reason I never received a snail-mail invite and therefore, forgot about it until the last moment.  I received a reminder email from a participating vendor and was jolted into calling and emailing a registration.

The show was the smallest I attended with several vendors calling off at the last moment.  I had really wanted to see Habu and Wool in the Woods both of which were a no show.  Alas, all was not lost!

There was three of us, my self, Ana and Rebecca and we arrived at the show early Saturday morning and started with check-in (no biggie, took a total of 10 minutes), then we were ready for the stroll.

First few rooms were OK and one line caughted my eye.  I wanted to take photos to do a mini-article or a pod cast.  I will withhold the name of the company but their yarns are fairly well known and they have a somewhat new handpainted line that was nicely displayed in baskets.  I asked if I could take photos and I got “I would rather you did not.”  Now I admit I am not that well read but I thought I could get at least some exposure for their yarns and do a good write-up especially because we don’t carry their yarns (it would have been a non-commercial post and there would have been at least 2500 clicks).  I tried to explain but was shut down with “…you should talk to my…”  So I gave up, we continued to look as I liked their yarns but the temperature in the room had dropped at least 10 degrees so we left – me head down with camera in bag and feeling guilty for having soiled the carpet.

We then hit pay-dirt!  My husband just informed the term is actually ‘hit pay-dirt’ not ‘hit-pay-gold.’  How can hitting pay-dirt be a good thing I don’t know but I digress.  Our first find was Jojoland.  When we walked in we found ourselves in a very zen looking room with Jojo herself knitting away.  A very soft spoken petite Jojo showed us her subtly dyed and beautifully knitted yarn selection and I was hooked.  I am so easy.

Jojo's Shawl... Jojoland has a selection of merino yarns, starting with lace weight with a mix of superwash and non-machine washable fibers.  These yarns all self-stripe, subtly (some color lines very subtly), and knit up beautifully.  Jojo also has a cashmere line. 

Jojoland Melody at Little Knits  I was hooked by Jojoland’s Melody, a superwash sock yarn that can also be used for lace projects.  Ana is already knitting away a pair of socks so when she is finished I am hoping she will let me photograph them (not another “I would rather you did not” please).  Jojoland Melody at Little Knits Before we left the room I asked Jojo to put away a bag of each color (6 to be exact and she has 6 new colors coming in by the end of August).   And, we continued with our stroll.

Then…then I fell in love, with color and texture.  I went a little yarn crazy and did something I never do at shows such as this – I bought for myself!  NW Needle market is a cash and carry, which means if you have cash you can buy and walk out with the yarn.  And I did and so did Ana & Rebecca.  We kept encouraging each other; mine was a purchase for the store with one big hank going home with me while the girls bought for self and for a few others. 

So, we have a new handpainted yarn line at our store…I am withholding the name until I am done with the photos – hey, who threw that ball of yarn at my head!?  Well, it is no use for me to mention the name of the new yarn line until I have something to show you, right?  I am excited and really hope that all will go well and you too will love this new yarn line.  I am especially happy because this new line is a hand dyed line from within the state of Washington.  Colors are phenomenal and the fibers used by the owner are just lovely.  Give me until next Monday and it will all be up at the site and I will share, I promise.

So that is my bit of news re the NW Needle Market and our most recent finds.  It is almost 1 AM here so I wish you all a good night and a great morning/day tomorrow (or today depending on how you look at it).