Daily Archives: August 7, 2007

Help, Please!

Today I came home to find the front door open with a giant fan pointing outside running at high speed and an unbearable burned plastic and some other hard-to-identify stench hit my nose in greeting! 

I walked into the house with a semi-scared ‘hello?’  The oven fan was on as my husband rushed around while carrying out a melted object.  Short story – one of my little ones stuck a DVD (Chicken Little to be exact), with cover and all into the stove (without our knowledge – OK, that might have been a little obvious but I did not want you think that we allowed DVDs in the stove or approve stove as a play area).  When my husband started warming the oven up to bake something the DVD and its cover melted creating a noxious stench and ruining the stove.

I/we have cleaned and cleaned, and cleaned some more.  Second attempt at heating the stove resulted in a similar situation where we had to open all doors to get rid of the toxic stench.

Is the stove doomed?  Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?  If yes, have you been able to clean your stove successfully?  Or, should I be shopping for a new one?  Any and all feedback would be appreciated.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

Sue Fulay