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Fly Designs – A New Handpainted Yarn Line

Thanks to the dvd-stove-cooking-adventure I am two days behind my posting schedule.  Verdict: a new stove must be bought.

So with that behind me here is the new yarn line we ‘found’ at the North West Needle Market Show, Fly Designs by Pat Fly.  I am sure some of you know of Pat from Angora Valley.

Lace Wing Socks at Little Knits Our first yarn line from Fly Designs is Lace Wing Sock.  This 2-ply superwash merino is one of the better (if not one of the best), 100% merino fingering weight yarns out there.  It has a tight 2-ply construction but it is still soft and makes a beautiful knitted fiber.

Lace Wing Socks at Little Knits Lace Wing Sock comes in BIG 125+ gram hanks with 546+ yards, which makes each skein more than enough for a pair of socks.  While I don’t generally wash my hand-knitted socks in a machine (my washer and dryer eat socks), socks made with Lace Wing can be washed and dried in one.

Lace Wing Socks at Little Knits The color selection is rather unbelievable and we have barely scratched the surface with the selection I have listed.  I am especially happy to have found Pat given the fact that she is a state of Washington fiber artist and she is only 45 minutes from us, which I hope will translate into frequent shipments and a big color selection.  While Lace Wing is intended for socks it would also be great for lace projects. 

One more plus about Lace Wing is the fact that Fly Designs offers different skeining options for their sock yarns and if you would so desire we would be able to order the color of your choice in a center pull skein.  Lace Wing Socks at Little Knits Pat is very crafty and I am sure she has a vintage machine that does this for her.  A little off topic – Pat recovers, repairs and uses old/vintage sock knitting machines, hmmm…I wonder if we can convince her to come and give us a lesson on how to use one?

Lace Wing Socks at Little Knits Lace Wing has spoiled me such that from here on it will be the standard with which I will judge other merino sock and fingering weight yarns.  These generously sized skeins in Pat’s lovely color lines makes every package from her a stashers dream.  I am in trouble!

Tomorrow, another new yarn line from Fly Designs.  One more photo?  Lace Wing Socks at Little Knits