Daily Archives: August 27, 2007

Bunnies are here!

OK, I in a manner of speaking, the bunnies are here. ūüôā¬† Forgive me!?

FlutterBy at Little Knits¬†Fly Designs’ third yarn line, FlutterBy, is made of 70% angora and 30% polyamide and comes in big 4 ounce skeins that has 900 yards of bunny goodness.¬†

FlutterBy at Little Knits When I saw FlutterBy at the show I thought brilliant, giant angora hanks that I can use for a stole without having to worry about splicing or weaving in loose ends.  Then I thought, the price will be prohibitive for stash enhancement purposes (I am not allowed to add any new yarn into my stash unless I pay Рhear this Рmy husband the full retail price).  And, it was not!

There are not many comparables out there but you too know what commercial 25 gram hanks of 75% angora yarn cost, see Anny Blatt or any other major yarn line for retail pricing.  We used to carry a large selection of Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit; at full retail Peter Rabbit costs $20 for a 50 gram hank, which is great.  With that set of facts, I think you too may find FlutterBy a dream.

skyb I also found that FlutterBy has the least shedding/sneeze issues of any of the angora yarns with which I have knitted.  I believe the fact that FlutterBy has a tight spin is one of the reasons but this does not take away from the softness of this yarn or the ultimate angora bloom. 

You can use FlutterBy for¬†any project that calls for fingering weight yarn.¬† I can think of a few like lacey stoles, shawls, hat/mitt/scarf sets, bed socks, lacey tops, scarves, layettes…that is all I can think of at this moment (I think I might have repeated myself – it is a little late).

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.