Crystal Palace Maizy – A Yarn Review

Crystal Palace Maizy at Little Knits The new sock yarn by Crystal Palace, Maizy, is here – actually, it has been ‘here’ for a little while but I just have not had a free moment to take photos and post this review by Kersten.

Crystal Palace Maizy at Little Knits Before I click on paste and let you in on Kersten’s thoughts I must note that Maizy is a rather unique yarn with its 82% corn content (grown in the USA), and unexpected softness.  The remainder is elastic nylon which allows the knitted fiber to maintain its shape and gives it a bit of stretch.  With that here is what Kersten thought about Crystal Palace’s Maizy:  

Growing up, were you a Tony the Tiger or a Corn Pops fan? I was fed corn flakes, but yearned for Corn Pops. I also grew up in the Midwest where corn was a staple, not just for the kitchen table, but as a way of supporting the family. Around July, you could buy corn in roadside stands, 20 ears for $1, fresh from the farm.

Crystal Palace Maizy at Little Knits I was having all of these warm fuzzy thoughts when a ball of Maizy was tossed my way. Made by Crystal Palace, this is a rather unusual fiber: 82% corn fiber and 18% elastic nylon. Yeah, corn.

It instantly looked like a great alternative to cotton for tiny tot clothes.  Crystal Palace Maizy Baby Bootie - Little Knits I decided to try a quick pair of Better than Booties Baby Socks, from (and a prior IK issue). Winding the yarn was no problem. You may recall my recent trials with winding mohair. Let’s just say that all housecleaning supplies stayed in the closet.

The yarn is a ply of 4 double strands. This was a bit of a challenge with my cable cast-on. I had some issue with splitting until I loosened up on my vice-like tension. Things were much better after that. While knitting, the fabric was not as stretchy as anticipated. It does not have a hand as soft as wool, but it’s not too rough either.

Crystal Palace Maizy Swatch - Little Knits I knit the socks on #1 dpns which produced a fabric that was just a tad too dense. I then did a test swatch on #2s (I know, I know, backwards). Perfect.

Crystal Palace Maizy Baby Bootie - Little Knits I was a smidge apprehensive about dropping these into the washing machine. This was corn after all. I know what happens to Corn Pops when they sit in milk. Will my pieces turn to mush? I put on my Big Girl pants and did the deed. Beautiful! The fabric softened up and seemed to be a little more elastic as well…or it may have been my relief at not mixing corn bread in my washer. After blocking, the #2 swatch had a gauge of 26 stitches x 19 rows per 4 inches.

Crystal Palace Maizy at Little Knits Maizy would be a great alternative to cotton. The fiber is a bit unusual which I found intriguing…and so did my dogs. It was the first time I had to make sure they didn’t make off with my yarn!


4 thoughts on “Crystal Palace Maizy – A Yarn Review

  1. I knit a pair of test socks out of Maizy for Crystal Palace back in.. er… April? I liked knitting with it, sort of similar to Panda Cotton except without the ‘silky’ feel of the bamboo. The finished socks almost reminded me of a plush bathrobe, very fluffy. I knit mine on 0s, and got a nice fabric that wasn’t too stiff, but that I was sure would hold up well.

    (Mine were plain white too!)

  2. Oh Sue, you are a riot! Thank you so much for sending me this URL. I have been enjoying the banter. I love the corn! Too funny! Terrible though! You KNOW I’m going to have to purchase all of the stuff you are recommending don’t you? Thanks, Wen

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