Fly Designs Monarch – A new sock love

It has been a hectic week here in Seattle.  We have several giant road construction projects going on, which have made our lives a little difficult.  Life has been especially hectic for me as our daycare was closed for two weeks!  This and having to go into store after-hours has made posting here near impossible.  With that, here is a long overdue introduction of Monarch, second yarn line from Fly Designs (with more coming).

Fly Designs Monarch at Little Knits Monarch is slightly thicker than Lace Wing as it is a three-ply sport weight sock yarn with which I am currently knitting a hat and gloves for my 4.5 year who demanded (nicely), a pair of gloves.  And given that there is so much yarn (125+ grams with 370 yards), I decided to make a matching hat.  I also have a pair of socks in line for my husband who has size 14 feet – too much personal info I know- I simply wanted to let you know that these are BIG hanks with tons of yardage.

Fly Designs Monarch at Little Knits Pat Fly, the color-genius behind the Fly Designs, labels Monarch as “Super soft, super twist, super wash” and we agree.  Monarch has a lovely soft hand, has a super tight twist and washes beautifully without loosing color.  When I first posted the Lace Wing (Fly Designs’ lighter sock yarn – see below for a post), we received quite a few emails asking for Monarch as some of us like to work with a little heavier weight of yarn for socks and of course, Monarch is great for baby and kids garments. 

So here it is and here is some feedback we received from Carolyn who is an avid Monarch knitter:

Monarch yarn is very very soft to knit with.  It is a little denser then some sock yarns, making it great for winter socks when you want that cushy warmth on your feet.  After washing they soften even more and loft slightly. 
Fly Designs Monarch at Little Knits Over time (and by this I mean years), there is some pilling, not unsightly and easily removable.  The yarn wears like iron.  I’ve probably made more than 30 pair and have yet to hear that anyone has worn out a pair of socks made with this yarn.
If I were a good sock mom I know I would wash all my socks by hand and dry them in the air.  But the families for which I knit – with Monarch – are all hard-working families, trying to raise kids, and even if I did hand laundry they wouldn’t, so we all need socks that can go in the washing machine and dryer. 
Carolyn's Monarch Socks  These Monarch socks were made a year ago and they have been worn and washed, etc. many times.
Need I say, I love Fly Designs yarns.

– – – –

Fly Designs Monarch at Little Knits Thank you Carolyn!  I almost forgot, Monarch also comes in center pull skeins.  We have bunch of them on their way to us in addition to new Lace Wing colors.

Wishing everyone a great Friday and a good weekend.

Sue Fulay

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Photos courtesy of Karen who notes: “I was so very impressed with this yarn knit up for socks. I just finished a ribbed pattern in “Rainier” colorway and was thrilled with the results.  Karen's Monarch on the rocks It feels and knits almost identical to a another tight twisted very well known sock yarn. This yarn rocks;).”

Karen's Monarch Karen, thank you for the photos and for modeling them for us at 100 degree weather. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Fly Designs Monarch – A new sock love

  1. And here I thought I had it hard with my husband’s 12 shoe size.

    I am starting to feel guilty…every month there is a Little Knits purchase…on our visa bill. I already have one this month, so I tshared with a friend of mine about your site, got her to order stuff for her and stuff for me!!! Now here you have another great sock yarn and I have to wait until next month or I’ll get in big trouble!

  2. Can’t wait to see more colors of Lace Wing. If the gauge is really what you say, then that could be my first pair of socks on 00 needles (I always have to go down a size). I’ll try anything, and sock yarn is totally my passion. BTW, is Fly Designs local to Sea-town?

  3. hi Sue,

    I was so very impressed with this yarn knit up for socks. I just finished a ribbed pattern in “Rainier” colorway and was thrilled with the results. It feels and knits almost identical to a another tight twisted very well known sock yarn. This yarn rocks;)


  4. Mel,

    Cannot keep Lace Wing on our shelves hence the sparcity of our selection. Posting new colors all day today as we received our next shipment. And, yes, Fly Designs is a state of WA hand-dyer who lives only 45 minutes away from us. 🙂


    I LOVE hearing this. Can you share? Do you have any photos? Please do share.


  5. I bought Lace Wing for my first pair of socks, then decided to practice on something with a bit more heft and ended up doing the Magic Loop thing. Anyone done Lace Wing socks using Magic Loop? Since I’ve never done socks, I’ve no basis for comparing it to dpn. I’m also looking for a simple pattern. Any suggestions?

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