Help, Please!

Today I came home to find the front door open with a giant fan pointing outside running at high speed and an unbearable burned plastic and some other hard-to-identify stench hit my nose in greeting! 

I walked into the house with a semi-scared ‘hello?’  The oven fan was on as my husband rushed around while carrying out a melted object.  Short story – one of my little ones stuck a DVD (Chicken Little to be exact), with cover and all into the stove (without our knowledge – OK, that might have been a little obvious but I did not want you think that we allowed DVDs in the stove or approve stove as a play area).  When my husband started warming the oven up to bake something the DVD and its cover melted creating a noxious stench and ruining the stove.

I/we have cleaned and cleaned, and cleaned some more.  Second attempt at heating the stove resulted in a similar situation where we had to open all doors to get rid of the toxic stench.

Is the stove doomed?  Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?  If yes, have you been able to clean your stove successfully?  Or, should I be shopping for a new one?  Any and all feedback would be appreciated.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

Sue Fulay

7 thoughts on “Help, Please!

  1. I don’t have any immediate advice but calling the manufacturer might be helpful, give you some ideas on where to start.
    Good luck! 🙂

  2. I read that you can either : 1) remove the coil, freeze it, then knock it off, or 2) cover it with a paper bag, and then use an iron to melt it off.
    you could treat it like a bug bomb… just turn on the stove, leave the house like outside and let it burn off.
    an oven cleaner, easy off coating in the oven?
    some one said if it is the element, go get a new one. which is very easy with an used appliance store they may even install it.
    what ever you do let the house air out all day! better yet, have a place to spend the night?
    maybe you need to road trip to my house? we could knit together 🙂

  3. I would not suggest using easy off and then turning on the stove – mixing the chemicals in the cleaner with burning plastic could be hazardous!

    call the manufacturer – see what they say – but maybe you can replace just the coil that has the melted plastic on it? you could also try putting ice on the bottom of the stove where the plastic might have dripped – and use a teflon spatula to try to “pop” it off of the bottom? replacing that part might be less expensive than replacing the entire appliance

  4. Did it melt onto the bottom surface of the stove, or just onto the racks? If just the racks, perhaps they can be tossed and replaced without having to toss the entire stove.

    If it melted on the bottom surface, as long as there is residue down there it’ll keep stinking. So, I agree with everyone else here who said to contact the manufacturer about that. And perhaps Google for a burnt-melted-plastic removal solution….

  5. Thank you all for writing, it is greatly appreciated. Sadly, this stuff is everywhere, racks, the bottom, etc. And, we called the manufacturer and were told, go get a new one!

    Guess who is going shopping.

    Sue Fulay

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