One more project?

When I opened the Interweave Knits’ fall issue I was looking for an ad and going through the pages with quick flips, without paying too much attention. 

And then I saw her, Tangled Yoke Cardigan - IK Fall 2007  Tangled Yoke, how shall I praise thee, let me count the ways (my apologies to Ms. Browning)…I must, I will and I shall.  While I struggle to redesign my MS3 for a symmetrical look (with too many other projects on needles to count here and now), the clean grace and simplicity of this pattern has stolen my heart and has me searching for the perfect yarn.

Any body else knitting the Tangled Yoke?  I googled and found a KAL but not much going on there so I think I shall swatch on my own and see how it goes.  Please do let me know if you are knitting it too.  I am planning and hoping to knit mine with the least amount of wool and still achieve the same look.

Behold my needles, here I come!

Cheers to you all and a good night.

Sue Fulay

8 thoughts on “One more project?

  1. I really want to knit it but I have way too many other sweaters lines up and not the right yarn for it. But it’s already in my Ravelry queue so I will get to it at some point…I can’t wait to see how yours comes out!

  2. I love this sweater, but I would prefer it as a pullover. Anybody making the needed adjustments for that? I would love to hear about your modifications. Ann

  3. This is a lovely cardigan. Fortunately I can get the Harmony yarn in New Zealand. It’s a beautiful soft yarn in natural colours. Something like Cascade 220 knits up to about the same gauge but is not nearly as soft.

  4. I’m working on the tangled yoke. Using some Jaeger Aran Tweed I picked up months ago from The Cucumber Patch on ebay. Stop by and say hello- I haven’t started tangling yet. Probably in the next few days. (I always just want to write tango-ing)

  5. I have plenty of things on the needles, but this cardigan is going to be my reward for finishing the… well, for finishing the finishing on a secret project. I’ve already talked to a LYS owner about getting enough of the Felted Tweed (it’s lovely) in a dark brown or purple. I expect to swatch and get started sometime next week!

  6. That is a lovely sweater. I like the idea of doing it as a pullover, maybe with a placket neck so I wouldn’t have to fiddle with the yoke tangling. And possibly at a slightly different gauge?

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