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Jojoland – A New Lace Yarn Plus One More

No one warned me about September being a full moon month, all month long!  That being said, it is almost October, a month that brings more of the lovely fall colors and a month during which I shall age one more year.  October will be a month of many new yarns, with some lovely surprises to follow.  With that, here is a peak. 

I have been waiting to introduce more of Jojoland.  Some of you may remember, we started with Jojoland’s sock yarn Melody and I was waiting for her new colors to come in (they are on their way over as I type).  I got inpatient and knitted with one of her new lines.  Hence, the decision to post it here and at the store.

Jojoland Harmony in Iceland Dreaming Color Line The first line is Jojoland’s Harmony, a cobweb weight lace yarn with soft variegation – long stripes and subtle changes.  Harmony comes in 50 gram balls that have 880 yards each!  Jojoland Harmony in Seattle in Lace Color Line One skein of Harmony is enough for a stole and I believe two would make a big shawl.  I found a photo of a stole knitted with Harmony by Jojo herself.  A Shawl by Jojo of Jojoland I have seen this shawl in person and it is very light and lovely.

Jojoland Rhythm in Preppy Color Line The second new yarn from Jojoland is Rhythm, a light worsted weight yarn that is 100% wool and also stripes softly and in long stripes.  I have not felted with this yarn but Jojo assures us that it is feltable. 

I did however knit with Rhythm as I found a color that was just perfect for my son’s Swirly Burly Wizard Hat (color line Sandy Beaches & Blue Skies).Swirly Burly Wizard Hat Knitted with Jojoland Rhythm   The hat is designed by my son and knitted by me as per his instructions – “no mama, I want it longer and more swirlies please!”  One skein would have been enough for a traditional hat that would fit a 4-5 year old but given my son’s instructions for a big, floppy hat I used 1.5+ skeins.  The Swirly hat stands if demanded but would rather fold, especially when its raining (it never rains in Seattle).Swirly Burly Wizard Hat

Just one final note, my son absolutely refuses to wear itchy hats and has had no problem wearing his new hat.  I found Rhythm soft and a fun yarn to knit.

This was a quick post as I have over 1000 frames of photos to post at the store…as I said there is tons of new stuff coming your way. 🙂

Wishing you all a great weekend.

Sue Fulay

A Schaefer Closeout – Ms Priss

Schaefer Miss Priss in Mr. Funny Color Line  A heads-up to let you know that we are closing out our Miss Priss line out and will not be bringing it back.

Miss Priss is a 100% wool (worsted weight), that is hand painted by the good folks at Schaefer Yarn.  Schaefer Miss Priss in Edith Piaf Color Line We love everything they do and will continue to carry their yarns including a few new ones that will be arriving shortly.

Just in case you did not know, the fall Knitty is up and there is a pattern that calls for Miss Priss. Mr Greenjeans - A Knitty Pattern This Knitty pattern is called Mr Greenjeans and makes for a lovely cardi.  I thought the 25% off Miss Priss closeout sale should therefore be brought to your attention.  What say you? 

Cheers to all!

Sue Fulay


Viva La Phildar!

I wanted to let you know that we have a number of new yarn lines from Phildar that we will be listing on an on going basis within the next two weeks.  And to kick this sale off today we started with Phil Soie, a 100% silk with a beautiful sheen, drape and hand. Phildar Silk - Phil Soie in Viollette  I absolutely love this yarn line by Phildar and of course it was my choice to list it first. 🙂

We will also be listing a number of pattern books by Phildar at closeout prices.  I was just looking at eBay to see if any were available and saw one being auctioned and it is currently priced at $23!  I promise, our prices will be much lower. 

Last night I was searching blogland for projects made with Phil Soie and found Jessica’s blog.  She knitted a lovely camisole with this yarn and was kind enough of to give me permission to use her photo. Jessica's Phildar Silk Cami  

I think her cami is lovely.  Thank you Jessica!

One more photo?  Phildar Silk - Phil Soie in a Beautiful Olive/Moss Green   You know that I cannot help myself. 


Hope you are all having a great Monday and knitting with a smile.

Follies of a Fiber Fanatic

I have fallen in love with a new yarn, a rustic looking raw silk with a tiny bit of viscose (90-10% split), Ella Rae’s ShibuElla Rae Shibu in Olive I have been trying to find the right project for this lovely yarn, a pattern that would allow me to knit up something that would show its character and depth.  I wanted something very feminine yet not too frou-frou.

And then I saw Tangled Yoke and thought, this is it!  There was a small problem, the gauge was not quite right but I really did not want to use any other yarn, Shibu was it and I was going to make it work.  This lovely raw silk was going to be my yarn for Tangled Yoke.

So, I swatched, swatched and swatched, with English Rose. Ella Rae Shibu in English Rose   Shibu calls for a needle size of US 7, so I kept dropping the needle size first to 6 then to 5 and then to some odd in-between sizes.  Finally, I got my gauge. My gauge swatch  My swatched looked really nice too, raw, not wooly but still substantial and very Voguesque (can I say that?), with viscose shining through my stitches. One more Shibu Swatch.

Then I cast on, proud and happy, having made it work.  I cast on 250+ stitches and knitted and knitted.  Fighting the yarn, which was trying to tell me “I am not meant for this pattern.”  I got into the pattern by at least 70 or so rows and I knew I was defeated.  Shibu hated to be forced into a gauge that it was not meant to be and wanted a different pattern.  So I admitted defeat and my folly and frogged.

Ella Rae Shibu in Denim I still love Shibu and I am looking for the right pattern for this stunning yarn.  I still want to knit Tangled Yoke, a project just for me, and I am looking for the right yarn. 

It is a beautiful day in Seattle, crisp, sunny and smells like Fall.  I love Fall, my favorite season of all – makes me want to knit knit knit.  I think it is the perfect day for a bowl of soup and some careful stash perusal.

Hope you are well and knitting with a smile.

In Search of the Ultimate Coffee Fix – Take 2

I am often reminded by the actions of my customers how kind and thoughtful they are and at times I am taken by surprise when I am at the receiving end of unsolicited acts of kindness from people I know only from afar.  They usually touch me with their words and their personality through the phone and emails but this time the surprise came in a small box.

I opened an unexpected box at the store that was addressed to me and smelled suspiciously familiar, which contained a bag of coffee beans and the sender (I learned later), was Hilary.   

Il Fornaio Italian Dark Roast Hilary sent a bag of Italian dark roast (originating from Il Fornaio in CA – a restaurant with which I have no affiliation financial or otherwise).  At a first sniff the roast smelled like Turkish coffee and the beans, while bigger, have the pale roasted look of Turkish coffee beans.  Dunking my nose into this bag became a hourly pleasure and I kept asking the others in the store to do the same.

I decided to take the beans home for testing and found that my faithful coffee maker of 4 years had given up on me.  The plate was not heating.  I was sad but I though the $30 investment for this coffee maker was well returned and started looking for a new one.  After a little bit of research I decided to try a Cuisinart 12 cup coffee maker – warning, a frank product evaluation is about to follow.

Cusinart DCC-1200 - The Worst Coffee Maker Ever! If you find this coffee maker by Cuisinart on a substantial sale I would suggest you walk the other way.  I for one would not take it if it was given to me free (and it was, I used credit card points and therefore, I am stuck with it).  It makes by far the most hideous-rank cup of coffee I have drank and I have drank a large selection of not-so-good cups of coffee.  I think if there was a punishment-by-coffee it would most definitely be made with this drip coffee maker – what a waste of good coffee beans!

This coffee maker by Cuisinart fails to heat the water to a degree that is necessary to brew a good cup of coffee leaving the drinker with a sour and odd tasting concoction that is barely warm even immediately after brewing.  If you leave the coffee in the carafe long enough the plate may heat it up a little bit but I found that the coffee starts smelling almost moldy-sour-burnt after 15 mins on the plate. 

Here is an analogy, think of your sink full of dirty dish-water from night before.  Then imagine pouring coffee from previous morning into the sink and dipping a mug into that water and drinking it.  For me the experience of drinking a cup of coffee from Cuisinart’s coffee maker is exactly the same.  Long story short – I now have a useless coffee machine.  Do you guys have any suggestions for an alternate use for this contraption?

So I decided to try my beans in a French press by Bodum instead.  My French Press   French presses in general make a pretty stiff cup of coffee, much more so than drip coffee makers so I was cautious when I ground my beans and measured them with a shy hand.  I found that this was a smart move on my part as the Il Fornaio Italian roast makes one strong brew.

My Mug from Uwajiyama I picked my cup and went for my first sip (one must have the right cup for the brew – this was a Japanese made mug that I scored at Uwajiyama, a major Asian grocery store at Seattle’s International District). 

Il Forniao’s Italian roast is not a coffee for the light hearted coffee drinker.  This is the true coffee drinker’s brew.  It is earthy (I mean that, really earthy!), with a definite aroma of the darkest chocolate, coffee liquor and may be a hint of Turkish coffee’s nutmeg.  If coffee could be rated as sweet and dry (similar to wine), this is the driest end of the spectrum.  I found no after taste or burned coffee smell even after 30 mins in my carafe tho it did sour a tiny bit.  Still, I went for a second cup after 30 mins and drank with a smile.  No major caffeine rush but a great zip for the morning. 

Thank you Hilary for your kindness and for introducing me to Il Forniao’s Italian roast.

I am now in the market for a new drip coffee maker.  Any and all suggestion would be appreciated.

Wishing you a great Labor Day week.