Daily Archives: September 17, 2007

Viva La Phildar!

I wanted to let you know that we have a number of new yarn lines from Phildar that we will be listing on an on going basis within the next two weeks.  And to kick this sale off today we started with Phil Soie, a 100% silk with a beautiful sheen, drape and hand. Phildar Silk - Phil Soie in Viollette  I absolutely love this yarn line by Phildar and of course it was my choice to list it first. 🙂

We will also be listing a number of pattern books by Phildar at closeout prices.  I was just looking at eBay to see if any were available and saw one being auctioned and it is currently priced at $23!  I promise, our prices will be much lower. 

Last night I was searching blogland for projects made with Phil Soie and found Jessica’s blog.  She knitted a lovely camisole with this yarn and was kind enough of to give me permission to use her photo. Jessica's Phildar Silk Cami  

I think her cami is lovely.  Thank you Jessica!

One more photo?  Phildar Silk - Phil Soie in a Beautiful Olive/Moss Green   You know that I cannot help myself. 


Hope you are all having a great Monday and knitting with a smile.