Fly Robin Fly!

To get the subject line you have to know the song – Google search should get you a link to a YouTube video¬†of Silver Convention performing the song – and read the rest of this post. ūüôā

New yarns from Fly Designs are in and they happen to be yarnilicious.  First one is Boo Fly Socks, one of the softest sock yarns with which I have ever had the pleasure of knitting. Fly Designs Boo Fly Socks in Plum Purdy  Boo Fly is made of 60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo, and 10% nylon for stability.  This fiber combination makes for a super soft and lofty yarn РBoo Fly has bounce and shows patterns very well. 

Fly Designs Boo Fly Socks in Elfen We will soon have near-solids for this yarn line just in case you were interested in complex/detailed patterns for your sock.  Boo Fly comes in 4 ounce hanks with 435 yards each, which is enough for a pair of socks.  This yarn also works great for lace projects so we will be getting in 8 ounce skeins of the same fiber with twice the yardage for lace knitters. 

PS. A fun fact, I shipped 8 skeins of Boo Fly to Reykjavik, Iceland this week.  Do you think Bjork will be sitting down to make Boo socks?  Bjork, if you are out there knitting with Boo Fly Socks drop me a line and let me know what you think please.

The second new yarn from Fly Designs is a light-DK weight Blue Faced Leicester, Flying Sheep.  As it can be expected from its 100% BFL content, this yarn is soft and has a lovely hand. Fly Designs Flying Sheep in Shades of Teal  Each 8 ounce hank has 660 yards of yarn, which is enough for a nice size stole, or a hat, mitt and scarf set, or a cropped bolero.  Two hanks would make a generously sized shawl or a nice top.  Did I say this yarn is delicious, yes it is!  More colors coming soon.

Off topic discussion of a new TV show is to follow, here it goes.  Did you guys watch Pushing Daisies tonight?  If you did you would have seen that the private investigator, Emerson Cod, loves to knit.  Tonight he knitted a vest, two gun holsters and a number of coin purses (only in his case they held big bills rather than coins). 

In one scene he had really cool extending needles.¬† Do these really exist?¬† I doubt that they could.¬† They were constructed like one of those¬†pointer-wands you would use at a presentation that you could extend out to make it longer¬†and¬†collapse into¬†itself.¬† I would think that such needles would not work as the transition points for the folding parts would not be smooth enough…I digress.¬† It was cool to see knitting main stream and being¬†performed by a guy.¬†¬†

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.



5 thoughts on “Fly Robin Fly!

  1. Upon watching the episode again, you’d see that on his desk, he’s got all kinds of things covered in ‘cosies’. Including something for his file folders. I like how they made him a total hard core knitter!

  2. OMG, I saw that! My boyfriend thought I was such a nerd because I started geeking when they mentioned Emerson knitted 2 “gun-cozies”. I geeked because when I check out new yarns, I often make some sort of cozy to see how it knits up (i-pod cozy, cell phone cozy, color-coded prescription drug bottle cozies…). I love Pushing Daisies, it reminds me of the Dr. Seuss books from my childhood.

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