Labor of Love

I am sorry to have waited this long to post.  I assure you it was not voluntary and it motivates me to post often this week and for the remainder of the year.  So that is a promise I make and you can call me on it.

This delayed post is about Knit Paint socks, a labor intensive dye process by Fly Designs of Washington.  The process can be summarized like this:

A Peachy Fly Designs Knit Paint Sock Yarn First the yarn is knitted in its natural format (undyed), into socks on an antique sock machine.  Once the socks are knitted each pair is hand-dyed with a sponge brush while using the sock like a canvas.  Each set can take up to 2 hours to dye.  The socks are then left to dry. 

Once dry they are soaked and washed to set the dye and dried one more time.  The socks are then ripped (yes, they frog the whole thing), and reskeined. Knit Paint Socks by Fly Designs at Little Knits   When knitted Knit Paint skeins create lovely color patterns.

Barb's Knit Paint Socks Here is a link to Barb’s blog, a customer of ours who has knitted a pair of socks with Knit Paint.  Barb I snagged one of your photos I hope you don’t mind.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

3 thoughts on “Labor of Love

  1. What’s hilarious is that I was just logging on to buy some more of that gorgeous yarn. Every stitch knitting was like a present to myself. I really love this yarn! (I know, I know, but it bears repeating!) I have some other pictures of the finished socks if you want them. –Barb

    PS: Thanks for linking to me!

  2. Sue! You need to blog more often. =D

    I have a friend who wants to know when the sale on *ahem* [the last item I bought from you] will officially be. She’s in Australia (she’s totally my photography idol, or I wouldn’t be asking), and she recently bought about $200 worth of yarn from you, and she’s ready and willing to buy more when the sale comes on!

  3. Lucky, lucky Mellow, he probably thinks that his life is finally getting better, and I’m sure it is,

    As frequently happens, those “mutts” turn out to be the best,

    good luck,


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