Meet Mellow Little!

Thank you all for writing and for your lovely comments about Mellow, who has been a true gift for me and my family.  We have adopted Mellow – I think he knew much before we did – and hope to have him around for a long time. 

I am sorry I have no new photos of Mellow but there will be some in the near future.  He is doing much better and has gotten really good at protecting us from cats, squirrels, UPS and USPS employees.  He is also very good at playing sad-dog and begging for human food (don’t worry we do not give him any as we want to keep him healthy).  His favorite places include the dog park and his new bed in our living room, especially when someone is petting him.

Mellow sends his best to you all, with a wag and a smile.

10 thoughts on “Meet Mellow Little!

  1. Ooohhh, M is the just sweetest little lovebug! I could not stop petting him (and I’m a cat person, so that’s saying something), and I can’t wait to see him again next week.

    I’ll post his pictures if I find they’re any good. If not, we’ll just have to try again! Have a wonderful week, dear LK ladies, and thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!

  2. What a sweet dog. I’m glad he is feeling better as well.

    I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about fostering animals. I live in a place with a very strict rental contract and I know you cannot take in another dog, but I’m looking for someone else who might be willing to open a loving home to an older dog. I have a friend in the Seattle area with a 13-year-old Australian shepherd/lab mix named Bailey, and Bailey needs someone to take her in and love her before December 15.

    Just thought I’d ask if there are potential foster families out there. Thanks.

    Mmm, and now to purchase some yarn!

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