Bamboo, Pandas Like It & We Do Too

Just in case you did not notice we slowly started introducing new yarn lines from South West Trading Company.  We now carry their yarns and patterns.

Twize in a Black/Red/White Tweed First it was Twize, a beautiful 100% bamboo yarn with a silky hand and great drape, as a closeout. 

Greta - A Free Twize Pattern Twize comes with free patterns and it is great for lighter garments and of course, non-wool scarves and accessories for that no-wool person in your life.  Or, for you, if you would like to try something different in bamboo.

Tofutsies Sock Yarn at Little Knits I also just finished listing Tofutsies and just when I thought I had all the colors listed we received the limited edition December Tofutsies and free pattern (special edition colors come with free patterns). 

 Free Tofutsies Patterns It is past midnight and I just came from a long walk with Mellow so it is going to have to wait till tomorrow evening.  But you can see all of our other colors on our website.  Tofutsies is a sock yarn with a rather unique fiber mix including 50% superwash wool, 25% Soysilk, 22.5% cotton and 2.5% Chitin (made from shrimp and crab shells).  Each Tofutsies skein weighs 100 grams and comes with enough yardage for a pair of socks – strike that if you wear size 12+ shoes. 🙂

Tomorrow I will be listing Karaoke, a 50% wool, 50% Soysilk yarn that comes in solid and variegated colors.  Karaoke can be used for knitting and felting projects.  Good news, we do have closeout colors that we will be listing on sale.

I have over 75 new yarns on hand waiting to be listed and a couple of new yarns that I CANNOT wait till they get here.  I am going to keep them as a secret hope this is OK.  I am not sure which one will show up at our door first but I assure you, I will let you know before I listed them on the website as I am so in love.  I cannot wait to get them on my needles.  OK, enough teasing. 

Mellow and I were out for our nightly walk and it is absolutely gorgeous out there.  We had snow last weekend – SNOW IN SEATTLE! – and it was cold cold cold.  The next day (Sunday), it melted but we kept getting ice mixed with rain.  Today it is warm!?  There is a wild wind out there but it is not enough to make one fall and it brings the smell of the Puget right up the hill. 

I know you did not walk with me tonight but wish you could have…so, imagine yourself walking in a warm Seattle night, wind blowing your hair wildly while you smell the sea all around you.  Then imagine passing by houses already lit up with Christmas lights, surrounded with lavender bushes and the smell of lavender and Puget is all around you.  Then imagine stopping by what we call the ferry-hill to watch the ferry come back from the islands all lit up in the dark of the night on Puget. Then imagine Mellow sticking his wet nose in to your hand to remind you that he is there and wants to go back home.  That was my walk.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

2 thoughts on “Bamboo, Pandas Like It & We Do Too

  1. Heehee, I can’t wait to see what they all are! I only know of the one, and that one is exciting enough. I’ll be back again Thursday to hang out with camera and treats! It’s a wonder you aren’t sick of me yet.

    Did you let Mellow out in the snow? Our dog loves the snow; if you make a pile of it and let her loose, she will dive in and attack it headfirst, spraying clumps everywhere as she tries to redistribute it. God knows why. Maybe she’s OCD.

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