Lace Wing Not-So-Solids – Its a Wrap!

As I said, I have been hit hard by the hand-dyed yarn fairy and with that in mind here is Lace Wing Not-So-Solids.

Lace Wing in Mahogany Here is Mahogany, one of my favorite colors…I wish you could be holding this skein to see how lovely the color work is.  This also makes me wonder if it would be hard to dye such colors, I would imagine so…I would think it would be hard to get the color on color variations but I am not a dyer.

And I am very fond of Amethyst Lace Wing in Amethyst and Teal Lace Wing in Teal so they must be shown of course.  These subtler color combinations make this line ideal for more complex sock and lace patters (IMHO).

Cranberry Chain Wrap in Lace Wing And for good measure here is a lovely stole pattern, Cranberry Chain Wrap, which uses only one skein (!) of Lace Wing.  Here is a photo of the detail tho I am sad to say that this photo does not do justice to the 3 dimensional beauty of this wrap pattern.Cranberry Chain Wrap in Lace Wing

Watch for the next entry for another hand-dyed beauty.

2 thoughts on “Lace Wing Not-So-Solids – Its a Wrap!

  1. *drools at the Lace Wing* Yay, you got it in a semi-solid! That is definitely getting short listed. :9

    And you got Joanna’s shawl up! It has surely been a good week.

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