Silk/Wool Lace in Heavenly Colors

I am still in a hand-dyed yarn mood and I am photographing, editing and posting.  I have over 40 new colors of Trenna, our exclusive 50% silk 50% wool yarn from Schaefer and the new colors are simply stunning.  So, of course, I had to share.

Here is a color line that I stashed away. Trenna  I love the deep teals of this color line and how it transitions to silky jean and light blues.  It is simply scrumptious.  I took one for myself but there are a few skeins still remaining.

Then there are the almost solid colorsTrenna  and color-on-color variations with two or more like colors Trenna in response to multiple requests that we have received from you.  Cheryl Schaefer is the ultimate color-magician who knows exactly how to blend the hues, which results in nirvana for this lace knitter’s palate.

Trenna One more picture before I say goodnight.

2 thoughts on “Silk/Wool Lace in Heavenly Colors

  1. I want to see the beige one on Tuesday; it looks like such a beautiful woodland-sunset-ish bronze! Wendy is cute too (though god knows I don’t need more pink yarn).

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