Monthly Archives: February 2008

Amy, You Sing So Good

I love music.  Music is a significant part of my life, when I am reading, running, walking and yes, while I am knitting. 

Tonight I watched the Grammys while working on photos and there was Amy (Winehouse that is).  She sang, sang straight to my heart.  Did you see it, hear her?  She was sharply mod and very 60s.  Her voice like bitter chocolate with a sip of red wine on the side, something like crushed velvet and silk all at the same time.

If you did not see her perform you can see a clip here Amy’s 2008 Grammy performance.

Amy take care, be well, and continue to make good music.



Trenna Design Contest – One Change!

I have received multiple requests to extend the deadline for the Trenna pattern/design contest so with that we are adding one more month to the deadline, which means that we would like to have your pattern submissions by May 14th instead of April 14th).  I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing your entries soon.

On a completely different note but within the hand-paint yarn news category our own cashmere line, Indie, hand-dyeds have started trickling in.  First color in, Cotton Candy, a deep and bright cotton candy pink blended with soft tutu-like pinks. Little Knits Indie a 100% Cashmere Hand-dyed  Heavenly soft in 100% cashmere and under Little Knits’ label.  More coming…soon.

We also just received more of the Fly Designs Lace Wing Not-So-Solids with three new colors.  My new favorite new color is Denim. Fly Designs Lace Wing in Denim Color Line  Great for socks or lovely lace projects.

As I close this entry I do have a request, please share with me the photos of your finished Trenna projects.  TIA!