Amy, You Sing So Good

I love music.  Music is a significant part of my life, when I am reading, running, walking and yes, while I am knitting. 

Tonight I watched the Grammys while working on photos and there was Amy (Winehouse that is).  She sang, sang straight to my heart.  Did you see it, hear her?  She was sharply mod and very 60s.  Her voice like bitter chocolate with a sip of red wine on the side, something like crushed velvet and silk all at the same time.

If you did not see her perform you can see a clip here Amy’s 2008 Grammy performance.

Amy take care, be well, and continue to make good music.



One thought on “Amy, You Sing So Good

  1. Oh my… this may be a long comment, bear with me… apparently I live a very sheltered, insulated life because before the Grammy appearance I had never even heard of this woman… so Bobby and I are watching it, this Woman… and I’m gettin’ twitchy… get to the end, we look at each other and I say… oh honey, rewind that, I need to watch that again….. she’s kind of like a female Tom Waits, you know? and I love him… I was blown away!
    Fast forward to today… was running an errand and thinking about ‘present music’ as in the here and now (I’m just an old hippie chick, ok?) and then I remembered ‘that crazy lady from the Grammys.. who was that?… could.not.remember… I have a list of chores but first I decided to read through some of your past posts and OMG….. I find this! Ya wanna guess how many times I watched that video? :^D
    Thank you!

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