Daily Archives: March 7, 2008

Not so nice

As I type this entry I don’t really know if I will hit the button that says ‘publish entry’ as what happened today is very off topic.  Let me go get my cup of tea and I will make my decision after I write the whole thing down.  I think that is a good compromise don’t you agree?

This afternoon I parked my car after a short shopping trip and was getting ready to get out my car, which is when I spotted a site that is familiar.  Two women were walking with multi-child carriages filled with adorable tiny tots that go to a child care facility within walking distance of where I was parked.  I would normally look, smile and then go about my business.  But this time I noticed that in addition to the small kids in the carriages the women had two small children walking aside them – well not quite aside but I will get to that later.

The women were walking at a fairly leisurely pace and the two tots whom I guessed to be between the ages of 2-3 were walking with a – for the lack of a better term – safety leash/band (?) attached to their waist.  I have an odd reaction to these contraptions anyway, so here you go, full disclosure of my bias.  The other end of the safety-band was attached to the handle of the carriages that was at the waist level of each woman.  I would think these bands/leashes were about 4-5 feet long, not quiet sure…regardless, the child walking with the woman in the front had no problems keeping up.  The story for the following set was different.

I will probably never forget the adorable little girl with the shiny dark hair who was attached to that carriage, the color of the leash/band and the fact that she kept falling behind, stumbling and being yanked by the woman pushing the cart.  She did not notice me in the car, I am sure of it as she softly yanked the little girl again right by my car.  This time after the tug she stopped and spoke to the child.  At this point a slow heat started spreading around my cheeks and my waist as I imagined my 3-year old being yanked by this woman.

I waited and after they passed me I quietly got out of my car and watched.  The little girl fell behind both because she did not have the stride-length and because she was distracted and was looking around.  The tension of the leash/band pulled her forward as the woman continued to walk and she stumbled (she did not fall).  The woman must have sensed her stumble as she pulled/yanked her with the leash and stopped shortly to talk to her again.  She did not yell or say anything that from my angle upset the little girl. 

The walk resumed and the little girl stumbled again.  At this point I could no longer restrain myself and I yelled “Excuse me, that little girl is going to fall down and get hurt!”  I was not heard so I repeated myself.  Second time the woman in the back heard me looked at the little girl and looked at me and then bent down to talk to the girl again.  I walked to my destination with some hesitation but I did not want to create a scene, which is when the first woman yelled back “Why don’t you mind your own business b…h!”

My cursor blinks…I need more tea, I will be right back. 

Let’s disregard the closing commentary by the second woman as it is irrelevant.  I find the little girl’s predicament upsetting and unacceptable.  She was not being abused but at the least the women in charge was negligent and ignored her apparent discomfort.  In my opinion they did not care for her well being.  I then wonder if they do this on a street where they can be observed by others what exactly do they do in the confines of the child care facility?

So I sit here and ponder, what to do, what to do?  What would you do?  I am going to go kiss my sleeping babies.

UPDATE: Within the last two days I made all the phone calls that I could plus some.  I now hope and wish for the best.