Cashmere Heaven

I have been on a hand-dyed kind of mood for a long while.  I am very much into deep and rich yet subtle color variations that can usually be produced and reproduced only by some of the more experienced dyers.  So when a friend said yes to my request to hand dye our cashmere, Indie, I was very happy (really, I was – you should have seen me do the jig at the store).

I wish you were here to see the beautiful color combinations that have been coming in, including some of my favorites, this deep deep ruby like crimson with a color-on-color variation. Little Knits Indie in Lust for Life  If I could name this color it would be ‘Lust for life.’ 

Then there is the Ocean with deep sapphire like blues, sky and jean blue combinations. Little Knits Indie in Ocean  If you like jewel like blues this is your color.  There is also the lavender the plum  and of course the sea foam blues. Little Knits Indie in Lavender  They are simply lovely.  Then the yarn itself, soft soft soft, luxurious and heavenly.  So when Kersten asked me if I would like to hear her opinion of Indie I said yes.  Here is what she said:

Cashmere, schmashmere. It should be called crack-mere.

I decided to use Little Knit’s Indie for my first lace project.  Oh so very scrumptious and cuddly, its softness belies its strength.  After making it safely through one pattern repeat, on row 12 of the next repeat, tragedy struck. I blame jet lag, flying across Canada, and listening to too much French.  I had to rip out a repeat section (get this…) 8 times.  Little Knits Indie Swatch by Kersten    Fearing that the yarn would become frazzled, frizzy, and weak, I was afraid that the section would resemble cat-yak.  Ah, but it was not to be.  The yarn maintained its beautiful softness, strength, and overall exquisiteness.  After a few more rows, the catastrophe was imperceptible.Little Knits Indie Swatch by Kersten

Like any good cashmere, this yarn is warm to the touch and so soft, I can’t find words to describe it.  I love the feel.  If only I hadn’t made such a poor pattern choice! Little Knits Indie Swatch by Kersten  The pattern stinks, but the cashmere makes up for it.

This lace project is clearly becoming a labor of love.  The pattern, a candle flame lace, takes forever for each repeat. Little Knits Indie Swatch by Kersten  The only way I am able to concentrate for a length of time for that hard is when I’m flying coast-to-coast.  It has become my airplane project.  This explains why it’s taken me 9 months to get to where I am.  I will be an old lady when I finish.  Please no over 40 jokes.  They just aren’t funny since last summer.

100% cashmere, approx. 400 yards for 50 gram hanks, under $20 for naturals and $25.75 for hand dyed colors, the expectations have been set very high!  I saw the hand-dyed skeins of this yarn this past weekend.  Holy Cow!  I didn’t know such colors existed! Little Knits Indie in Plum  I can’t wait to see what other delectables Fulay discovers for the Little Knits fans!

2 thoughts on “Cashmere Heaven

  1. Oooh, pretty! Too bad I already have so much lace, or you know I’d be all over that. The red is SO you.

    (And I don’t know what Kersten’s talking about. The pattern is *beautiful*.)

  2. Those burgundies are gorgeous! It looks so soft and squishy. However much a pain in the neck that candle flame pattern is, it’s turning out beautifully with yarn’s incredible stitch definition.

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