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I have over 50 model garments (sweaters and cardigans), that would fit 2-3 year old kids, both boys and girls.  They are very cute, brand new and still in their sealed bags (we never used them at the store or otherwise). 

This may not be very timely with the weather slowly warming up but I would like to donate them to a charity that can actually put them to good use.  I would appreciate your help with suggestions on charities that would be able to use these garments.  Please let me know if you have any ideas and/or contact info.  These items are rather nice and I would like to think that they would actually be used by little girls and boys.  Many thanks – in advance – for your feedback.

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  1. How about Northwest Family Life? They have a yarn store on 125th and Roosevelt that accepts donations of yarns and sells them to the public. The money then gets donated to NFL. Perhaps they could use little sweaters! Good luck, jenny

  2. I know someone who gives to pregnancy aid all the time I don’t know if they take toddler items for mother’s with older children? But I was going to say the local women’s shelter too.

    SARAH!!!!!! 😀

  3. Here in Northern New York we have a home for mom’s to be or mom’s of young children that need a place while they have their child and get back on their feet called Brookhaven house. You may have something similar closer to you.

    This is a great house since it is completly community sponsored. We see moms at all different stages of their life– pregnant teens defying their families to have their children or give them up for adoption, moms who have been brave and walked away from abuse with their small children.

    Also, You may want to think about auctioning them off on ebay for all proceeds to go direct to charity. I’m sure the knitters out there will be generous with their bids and sometimes money is more helpful than items to a lot of charity groups.

  4. You might also check with a local elementary school or the district. We have a “clothing room” in the Shoreline School District that takes donations and gives them directly to school children and families in need in the district.

    Good luck!

  5. there is a place in seattle that clothes missionaries and aid workers. i bet they could use them! i can get the details for you cuz it is in your area.

    then i have a 2 yr old daughter…so if you have onbe you want to send here… that would always be welcome!

  6. I have a friend in Seattle who probably knows a zillion charities because she’s always doing things for charities. If you send me an email, I’ll forward it to her. But the Women’s Shelter mentioned above would be a great place to start!

  7. Children in Common is a relief effort organized to bring supplies to children living in desperately poor orphanages in Eastern Europe and Russia. I found this information in the book Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen. There is an entire chapter devoted to it along with a sock pattern and a sweater pattern – both easy projects and a great way to use leftover yarn!

    They do ask that the garments contain as much animal fiber as possible for warmth – at least 80%. They need socks, sweaters, and vests for kids from six months to sixteen years of age. The orphanage buildings are old, in poor repair, and not heated well (indoor temperatures in the winter average 45 degrees!) so anything will help. If you would like more information, you can contact the organization at (410) 869-0620. Their address is Children in Common, c/o Adoptions Together, 5750 Executive Drive, Suite 107, Baltimore, MD 21228.

  8. How about WACAP? I work at this adoption agency, which also provides child assistance. Each year, we send more than three tons of humanitarian aid to needy children and families around the world. For more information visit

  9. Hi Sarah, I have my two favorite charities… the Vine Pregnancy center locally needs items… baby, children, and mommies… there’s a local battered womens shelter. Vine Pregnancy Center, Frazier Park, CA I know first hand that they are very low on donations. Then I have a place I love to donate preemie items too. Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, CA. My two youngest children were born there premature and I thank God for that hospital and staff. They were great so I like to give back them. Where ever you decide I’m sure they will be much loved. If you want a drop to Vine I’m going to be going up there shortly. Wen

  10. Hi, here in your neighborhood of West Seattle, Hickman House helps battered women and their children.

    Also Holy Rosary church and Hope Lutheran church have a clothing room that community folks can “shop” at for children and adult. Free of course and always looking for donations.

    Would love the donations to stay in our community!!!!!!

  11. Love Without Boundaries
    has an art auction every year where they raise money for heart operations for children in orphanages in China. They do great work. Our daughter was in foster care that was provided by Love Without Boundaries and we know of many more children who had life saving surgeries paid for by Love Without Boundaries and were then able to be adopted by families here in Washington State.

  12. Here in West Seattle, there’s also Westside Baby. It helps folks in WS, Burien, and White Center. You can drop off there (in White Center) or at the Y on Fauntleroy or at the kids’ haircut place (can’t remember the name) over by Cafe Lladro. It’s a great organization. Very direct.

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