Good things & One Good Woman

Thank you so much for your recommendations for a charity, one that I could donate the sample kids’ garments we had.  I ended up filling two boxes that weighed approximately 40 pounds, all brand new clothing items for kids and a few for grown ups.  I went with The Baby Boutique; it seemed like the best fit.  This lovely charity provides goods for homeless kids and I could not be touched more.  They were very responsive and returned my call within 30 minutes and the thought of a sweet little thing wearing something that I can provide made my heart warm.

For the remainder of the year I will be in search of new and gently used kid’s garments.  I also plan to knit as many hats, scarves, and cardigans as I can.  I hope to have another couple of boxes for the Baby Boutique later this year.  What they do touches my heart.

Now on to that one good woman.  One of my beautiful customers, Suzanne, emailed me unexpectedly and asked if I would like a free pattern for a yarn of ours, Little Knits Indie II, a scrumptious cashmere silk blend (sorry cannot help myself – I love this yarn).  She wanted absolutely nothing for her pattern! Erika - A Pattern for Knitters Without Borders  And, she agreed with my proposal when I asked her for the pattern and a charity of her choice. 

Let me explain – all proceeds from Suzanne’s pattern Erika will go to Knitters Without Borders to benefit Doctor’s Without Borders.  In addition, I/Little Knits will match the purchase price 100% and donate that amount to the same charity.  We will keep a monthly tally posted on the website and donate every month.  I think this would be great don’t you?  Thank you Suzanne!  Erika - A Pattern for Knitters Without Borders

If you have a pattern that uses one of our yarns and would like to share it in a similar fashion for a charity of your choice please let me know with an email.  I would be more than happy to list your pattern on our website and match the purchase price as I did for Suzanne’s pattern.

PS. Are you guys counting?  Post #2. 🙂

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