Trenna Contest Entry #1 – Honeycomb Shawl

Honeycomb Shawl is a Weaverknits pattern, designed by the lovely folks who also designed the Tempest featured on Knitty. 

This shawl/scarf is the longest design we received for the Trenna contest at 108” and it is surprisingly substantial for a lace weight wool/silk blend yarn.  At first I thought the designer had doubled up the yarn and used the whole hank but no, only 2 grams (roughly half of a hank of Trenna), was used for the whole thing!  We all like the retro-mod look of this piece and…does it look a little French to you too?

Here is what the designer had to say about Honeycomb:

Honeycomb ShawlLooking for an easy, even a first lace project?  The Honeycomb Shawl is knit in garter stitch, with all motifs formed by simple combinations of yarn-over and knit 2 together.

Inspired by traditional Orenburg shawls, I challenged myself to create a pattern that used some of their motifs but was simple and accessible to both knit and wear. Honeycomb Shawl Detail The clean, graphic impact of the shawl will accent any outfit, and the wool/silk combination of Trenna will allow for year-round wear.  The lace pattern is also simple enough to compliment more vibrant, variegated lace colorways.

I chose to add a complimentary colored border to one end of my shawl for an unexpected modern touch that reflects my love for asymmetrical knits and Grellow (grey and yellow, that is). Honeycomb Shawl Detail

9 thoughts on “Trenna Contest Entry #1 – Honeycomb Shawl

  1. I love the sophisticated look of this shawl. The length is great and the yellow touch at the border is a delightful touch.

  2. I like the drape of this shawl. I would be hard to knit for this many inches but I would do it for this. I have knit with Trenna and can feel this shawl call its name.

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