Kauni Lace – A Yarn Review

Something about Kauni reminds me¬†of Noro, the length of the color runs, the very subtle transitions from color to color and even the occasional plant matter. ūüôā¬†

I really like working with Kauni but I thought there needs to be a bit more versatility in gauge and texture, which is how Kauni Lace came about Рa single ply roughly spun yarn that imitates the qualities and the texture of a hand-spun yarn.  For the time being (while we wait for Kauni to resolve their shipment-delivery issues), we have only one color in stock and hope to receive multiple colors later in the year.

As with any unique new yarn we sought a¬†review for Kauni Lace and this time it was Lisa’s turn, author of Knit Fix, published in 2006.¬† Lisa, an impressively super fast knitter, got back to me with her feedback in record time:

A¬†couple of Friday nights ago I was¬†on the phone with Sue talking about yarn.¬† We’d been working with yarn all day, though in different cities, and there we were talking about Kauni multicolor lace-weight when the rest of the world is out playing (this may define yarnaholics).¬† Little Knits has a trial batch of lace-weight Kauni but only in one color at this point, and even though I’m not a fan of pink, I wanted to try it, too (OK, maybe this defines yarnaholic).¬†

Sue sold me a skein with instructions to review it. ¬†My father was a captain in the U.S. Navy. ¬†Occasionally I do as I’m told.¬† And sometimes not. ¬†Sue instructed me to wind the yarn by hand, that a swift would tear it. ¬†I swifted the yarn, it tore, but hey, this yarn is born for spit-splicing. ¬†Besides, look at this:

Kauni Lace 

Seductive stripes in situ.  Easy to imagine knit up as the Revontuli shawl, which is designed for Kauni sport-weight.

At first knitting, I have to admit the Kauni lace put me off. ¬†Compared to the soft stuff I’ve been running through my hands lately, this is rough yarn. ¬†But it’s tough, and the colors are glorious. ¬†Even at its thinnest, the yarn never broke during knitting. ¬†Once I began coating my hands with lotion – Heal My Hands, a solid cake of balm in a tin – the knitting became a pleasure. ¬†I started the shawl (begins at neckline) on size 6 needles, moved to size 7 after the first few inches, and ended up using an 8 for the final two-thirds.¬† Despite its fine weight, Kauni lace really looks better on the larger needle given its slightly fuzzy halo.

After blocking, the fabric softened somewhat. ¬†It’s not scratchy. ¬†I must say, though, that I’ve rarely seen a yarn keep its blocked shape so well. ¬†Here’s the finished product, as modeled by Karen:

Kauni Lace as knitted by Lisa    Kauni Lace as knitted by Lisa  

Knit up, Kauni lace is almost sheer. It floats.

Kauni Lace as knitted by Lisa 

Another friend who loves these colors has already put in first dibs for the beta test shawl. ¬†I’d like to make this shawl again, in another colorway for me.¬† Not pink. ¬†Hint, hint, Sue.

5 thoughts on “Kauni Lace – A Yarn Review

  1. Great review and LOVELY shawl. Pink wouldn’t be my first choice, but then again, it’s nice to break away from the greens/browns/greys I use so often. The closeup photo of its transparency really sold me on this. I’ll be trying it out. Thanks!

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