Trenna Contest Entry #3 – New York City

Rosi's New York CityTo say that we were surprised when New York City showed up at our door in a FedEx box is an understatement. 🙂  Rosi’s was the only entry that came with a beautiful aroma of its own.  You see the designer, Rosi, also makes natural soaps that smell like heaven and was kind enough to enclose one with her entry – thank you Rosi!  The stole sits beside me in an envelope as I type this post and still smells of soapy heaven.

Rosi’s entry utilizes deep hematite colored seed beads that compliments the granite and silver tones of the Trenna used, which also makes the stole drape very well due to the weight of the beads. Rosi's New York City

Here is a Rosi’s narrative regarding of her design:

I am a true New Yorker at heart. I LOVE the city.  I love the noise, the pollution, the congestion, the subway. It’s totally me.

They say us New Yorkers can be snobbish or rude.  I don’t think we are that ALL the time.  I think we have our soft side too.

So here is an example of a New Yorker’s softer side: silky lace. Rosi's New York City The pattern is inspired by the place where this stole was knit 90% of the time: the NYC subway system.  The bottom edging looks like the wheels, the main center panel looks like the subway map, and the side edging is Rose Lace to signify what you wish the train smelled like. Rosi's New York City

30 thoughts on “Trenna Contest Entry #3 – New York City

  1. This shawl is absolutely beautiful! It’s not only very detailed but it’s very femine. Now, this girl has talent! Rosi you were it well! All the best.

  2. Beautiful, elegant and sexy. Congratulations, Rosi. Too bad rents are so expensive in NYC – you could make a fortune on your designs.

  3. If you could make it (the shawl) there (in the NYC overcrowded, un-air conditioned subway and still show off it’s elegance) you could make it anywhere … Great job girl!

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