Trenna Contest Entry #4 – Beachcomber Stole

Vale as photographed at home in ValeJanine La Cras’ entry hails all the way from Vale, Guernsey.  I searched very hard to find a good link for Vale and failed but Janine to the rescue, here is a good Wiki narrative.

The Beachcomber Stole had an adventurous trip on its way from Vales to Seattle.  First it was lost and was later found at a California post office storage room.  When I got the call from the post master that they had found Janine’s package I was ecstatic but a week after the call I still did not have her entry.  Just when I had given up I received a message from a lovely lady in CA who told me that she had received a package that was addressed to me!  She told me that she had opened the package before realizing that it was not addressed to her and while she loved the stole she was forwarding it to me and told me that she was a knitter.  All I have is her first name and her phone number does not work.  So Ann, if you are out there, thank you!  May good knitting karma find you and be with you for the rest of your life! 🙂

The Beachcomber Stole has an aquatic theme that warms my heart as I am very much a water person and our shop sits 5-10 minutes away from the Alki Beach.  The stole was worked with an opalesque color line of Trenna, which works well with the beach theme and makes for a great summer stole.

Here is what Janine had to say about her design:

Beachcomber Stole was designed to remind me of all the wonderful walks across my favorite local beach. Vale in Seattle This stole utilizes stitches that evoke the seaside such as the sand stitch, gull wing lace, and the wave lace border, and of course the shells.

Vale in Seattle












The stole is worked in a traditional Shetland manner by knitting the border first and then picking up stitches across the top of the border.  The nupps used to give the shells texture could be replaced by seed beads to add a little sparkle and a new dimension to your own version of the Beachcomber Stole. 

11 thoughts on “Trenna Contest Entry #4 – Beachcomber Stole

  1. Thank you Marianne, you are very kind, and Ann, if you are reading this may the knitting goddess always bless your house and those within it 🙂

  2. This is not helping. I love this one too! So far, I’m having real trouble making up my mind. One thing is certain, though: I’ll be knitting a lot of lace in the near future.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this shawl!!!!!! If a pattern becomes available, I would certainly like to be notified, if possible. Such beautiful work – win or lose, you’re a winner with me!!!!!


  4. I agree with what Sue said ~ love, love, love this shawl! They are all fantastic, but I would love to make this one for myself 😉

    Did I say love to many times? LOL! Great job

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