Trenna Contest Entry #5 – Ozark Autumn

Ozark Autumn




Ozark Autumn, in all its red, russet and gold glory, has been the most challenging project that I had to photograph.  

Over all I took 250+ frames of photos and gave up on models as the detail was impossible to get with any background noise including the most basic stone work we used as a backdrop.  Slightest movement made the details get lost in color so I had to go for stills, if one could call them that.

Ozark Autumn is long, its Trenna beautifully dyed in red and gold hues and the stole is beaded with matching crystalline red beads through out its entire length.






Here is what Kay had to say about her design:

Many of my inspirations come from my love of nature and color.  I am most aware and creative in the autumn.  I love everything about autumn, the colors, the chill in the air, the state fair, the smell of campfires and fall craft festivals.  I am drawn to the colors as well as the shapes of autumn leaves.

When I heard about the Trenna design contest, my first challenge was trying to decide on a colorway.  I wanted something that really spoke of the beauty of the colors in our Ozark Mountains, the vivid orange, red, and gold of an Ozark Autumn. Ozark Autumn The Tropical Sunset color line of Trenna seemed perfect.

This contest gave me an excuse to try Schaefer Trenna.  I was especially thrilled with the way the yarn seems to take on more of the characteristics of silk than the wool.  The sheen of the silk in Trenna was meant for beads and while this was my first use of beads in knitting I decided to go for it. Ozark Autumn Knitting with beads for the first time was a true challenge for me but at the end I was very happy to have persevered.  The beads gave my stole a greater elegance.  I felt pampered when I put it around my shoulders.  I do believe that I am now addicted to using beads in my lace knitting.  Finally, I picked a rectangular shape for my design because for me this is the perfect shape for an elegant yet practical stole/shawl.

12 thoughts on “Trenna Contest Entry #5 – Ozark Autumn

  1. Wow– all the entries so far have been beautiful. But this one… it reminds me of sumac leaves in October. Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. My mind is reeling at the thought of all those beads :^)
    It’s a GORgeous stole and yes, Autumn in the Ozarks really is that colourful!
    Beautiful knit.

  3. Fabulous shawl! Can’t wait to knit one myself! If you haven’t knitted lace with beads yet, go for it. It’s not hard, just takes a bit more time to complete the project.

  4. Kay, this is absolutely GORGEOUS. The design and the colors are BEAUTIFUL. You have out done yourself with this one. Thank you for sharing with me. I definiatley vote a BIG A+ for your shawl. You have really caught the Autumn colors.

  5. Thanks everyone! Joan, you are so right…sumac leaves in October. Jackie, you are a bead-a-holic, too. Marianne, apparently, you have seen our Ozarks.

  6. I LOVE this design. It is gorgeous and the natural inspiration is truly evident. All of the shawls are beautiful, but this one is a winner in my book!

  7. Well, for all the hard work the photograph does an amazing job of highlighting this shawl!

    Kay, it is stunningly beautiful…but are you sure you haven’t been to Michigan and seen the sunlight on our maple woods?

    Great work!

  8. I vote for Ozark Autumn. Bold color choices are risky, but this one won. On a warm-colors person, this would be fabulous. Great craftmanship.

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