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Please pick one from the below listed entries and vote.

One important note, you can only vote once (one vote for each unique IP address), so please scroll down to see all entries BEFORE you click on anything.

26 thoughts on “Vote for Your Favorite Trenna Design

  1. Your set up is deceiving and misleading. I clicked on the first box thinking I would see the item and instead, was placing a vote. It seems that I am not the only one who has done this. It would have been nicer to look at the items first and then place the vote at the end of the 5 items.

  2. Hi Mary Ann,

    I just saw your comment and given that I am completely and totally impartial as to the winner of the competition and there was no intent of deception or to mislead, I would be more than happy to fix your vote. Simply let me know who you voted for and whom you would have rather have voted and I will take care of the rest. I think I can already identify your vote from your IP anyway. But I would appreciate your help.


    Sue Fulay
    Little Knits

  3. I can only hope that people are looking beyond the color and to the actual challenge in the design itself. Rosi’s stole is head and shoulders above the rest.

  4. I loved the simplicity and originality of the Beachcomber Stole. It’s definitely something I would knit and use. The thing I liked best is that it doesn’t look like someone just pulled stitch patterns from a book. Most original designs lately don’t really stand out from the crowd like this does.

  5. I agree with Theresa. The beachcomber stole, with it’s stunning border is clearly the most innovative of all the designs. While I think Rosi’s stole is pretty, the lace motifs are common and the patterned yarn obscures the intricate lace. Her design is best saved for a solid color yarn. It’s far more challenging to design a lace shawl that respects the variegations of the yarn by not superimposing complex lacework on top of the yarn. The Beachcomber stole both respects the beauty of the yarn and adds innovative lace patterning to it–a real winner in my book!

  6. Hi, everyone. Thank you for coming over to vote! If anyone needs to see more pictures of my NYC stole, please hop on over to my blog. I have a ton of pictures posted there with more details showing.

  7. I have not been able to access the ability to vote. I would like to vote for Rosi G’s New York City shawl. Thanks.

  8. While all the stoles are beautiful, Rosi’s stands out above the rest. A number of people from my knitting group, including myself, had a problem voting or mistakenly voted for the first one (instead of New York City) not knowing where to click. It would be better if there was a separate area to vote after reviewing all the stoles so there was no confusion.

  9. I have serious issues with this contest. ONE shawl photo took HOW MANY shots? It’s a great picture.

    You shoould have taken a couple hundred more of each of the others so they could be presented on equal footing.

  10. It is very hard to be put into a position to defend one’s self when one – me, the owner of the store and the person who did all the photos with no pre-judgement and all good intentions in her heart – is attacked by anonymous posts.

    Every stole featured here was done so with equal effort and no one has been favored over the others. In addition, I took as many frames of photos for each stole as I thought was necessary to present each design. Once again, no one was favored above others.

    This competition is supposed to be one of friendship and of knitting community/family and I am saddened to see that it is being taken to a place a where I could not have ever foreseen or wished. Why?

    I kindly request, please, lets keep it all positive and appreciate the fact that all participants have done a great job and they are all winners in my eyes. I can only hope and think that you would agree.

    Sue Fulay Little
    Little Knits

  11. In reading the comments I could not believe that I was on a knitters website, all of my knitting buddies are like family even in a competion setting so I was shocked to read some of these back biting comments. From one knitter to another, I think they are all magnificent, I voted on the one I liked best, Ozark Autumn.

  12. Sue, I just wanted to give you some support and some kudos for the work you have done for this contest. I think the majority of knitters out there appreciate all the effort you took, as well as the outstanding design and execution of the patterns by the designers. Keep up the great work and don’t be discouraged by a few catty comments.

  13. Rosie,
    Your New York Stole is beautiful. I voted for you, however, I’m not sure if my vote went through. Therefore, I’m writing this message with the hope that it will count.

  14. Hi
    I am confused with how to vote too!
    All the shawls are gorgeous and have obviously taken a lot of hard work. It is hard to choose a favourite and I have narrowed it down from my three! My vote goes to Rosi and I would really appreciate it if you can add this on to your voting list and cancel my original vote if I have done it by accident
    Huge congratulations to all the finalists…you should all be very proud

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