We have our top 5!

The voting is closed as of June 13th, 5 PM PST.  We had a total of 1867 votes.  Thank you all very much for taking the time and voting.    Here is our top five Trenna designs:

  1. Ozark Autumn
  2. New York City
  3. LovinComfort Shawl
  4. Honeycomb Shawl
  5. Beachcomber Stole

To the designers, many thanks for being a part of this event.  Your designs are lovely, unique and much appreciated.


8 thoughts on “We have our top 5!

  1. Thank you, Sue for coming up with this contest. It was wonderful to get to knit with Trenna for the first time. I knew right away that I wanted to do a shawl with an autumn theme. It was a fun contest, nerve wracking and nail biting at times, but fun just the same. Congratulations to all the entries. There was such a great representation of styles, tastes, and regional flair. I can’t wait for my new order of Trenna to get here.

  2. The entries were all wonderful. I want to thank all of those who devoted their time and talents to this contest. It has been a treat to view your work and hear your thoughts on your designs. I had a difficult time choosing the one I like the best. Congratulations to all!

  3. Although my favorite did not win, I have such admiration for ANYONE who can design a pattern! Congratulations to all of you! Hope littleknits.com will do this ever year!

  4. Sue, thanks again for doing this contest! You’ve given me an opportunity to get a jump start with the designing! :o)

    Thank you to everyone who voted and particularly those that chose NYC! I can’t wait to see it knit up by those that faved it!

  5. So, not to be a pest or anything, but I’m just sooooo curious… when will the designs be available? (I know I have to wait, but it’s so hard!) I’m guessing only the top 3 will be available through this contest? What about the other two? Oh, golly gee, I sure want to know! 🙂

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