Monthly Archives: June 2009

Starry Day, Starry Night

I have to admit, I was reluctant to order Dream in Color Starry for our store.  About a year ago I had seen a fingering weight yarn with a similar fiber composition that had left me less than impressed.  So I held off.  That is until I saw Starry in person at a trade show. In Vino Vertitas

Starry is soft, like Smooshy, bouncy and simply lovely.  Adding to the loveliness of the yarn is the silver fiber that runs through the twist, which gives Starry a subtle glitter. Purple rain This glitter shows much more obviously in darker colors and with a magical peak-a-boo effect in lighter colors that also enhances these color lines. Pansy Golightly

Starry begs to be used in lace projects for your next scarf, stole or shawl.  I think it would also make lovely cardigans that can be worn for a night out; the glitter would look lovely at night when it catches the light of any given environment.  Of course, Starry would also make lovely socks. November Muse

I am off to the store and hope to enjoy the unusually warm and sunny June weather of Seattle before the weekend cool-down is here.  Hope you are all well and knitting/crocheting with a smile.