Daily Archives: September 2, 2009

Beautiful new things

A quick post to to show you what I got right here by my computer – I am working on photos as I keep editing this post, can you tell?

 Just got new colors from Malabrigo in Worsted Merino including a brand new color called Soto Bosque.  Soto Bosque at Little Knits  It is a lovely combination of chocolate and coffee browns of all hues mixed with dusky pinks with very subtle hints of wisteria.  It may just be my new favorite color.

We have received many new yarns from Habu and I am working with two that I wish you could reach through your screen and touch to know how wonderful they feel. 

First one is a 100% single ply wool that is sport weight.  Habu calls the color line Kinari so we are calling the yarn Kinari Wool.  It is a natural with a creamy hue.  I plan to do some research on the color name to figure out its significance/meaning.  This yarn comes in giant 8+ ounce hanks and the hanks have tons of yardage (186 yards per ounce).   Kinari Wool is incredibly soft and cushy, I cannot stop petting it.  Habu Single Ply Kinari at Little Knits

In my brief research I found a beautiful cardigan knit with this yarn at Ruthless Knitting.  Doesn’t her cardi look soft, warm and snuggly?   Kinari Cardi   Just one more photo

because the cardi is so very cute Kinari Cardi

And the last item from Habu is a non-twist cotton that is incredibly soft and does not feel cotton-like at all.  I was looking for a cotton that could be used for lace work and for fine baby and children’s accessories, which would be very soft and pure and this is how I came about Habu’s Non-Twist CottonHabu Non-Tiwts Cotton at Little Knits  It comes dyed as well as in the natural color.  Currently we only have the natural Non-Twist at our store.  The yarn has a very subtle crimp, which does not effect the knit or the pattern but the subtle texture of the yarn adds to the softness of the finished fiber.  Habu Non-Tiwts Cotton at Little Knits

That is all for the night and I am off to bed.  Have a great Thursday.