Daily Archives: September 4, 2009

T’ravels of my day

Today we started the day with a trip to the local bagel shop, Zatz A Better Bagel.  We took the kids with us and the dog.  The first half of the trip to the bagel shop was great.  While there we got bagels and a couple of hot bagel dogs.  Return trip was another matter thanks to the conflict between the dog and our 4 year old. 

Our 6 year old tried to manage Rontoo the dog during all this mayhem and his poor little left arm was pulled rather harshly.  This compounded the fall he took from his bike last weekend and his arm swelled.  So off to the doctor we went and my sweet boy, who tries to settle any conflict that he has ever seen in the most amiable manner, got a splint.  For his discomfort he was rewarded with a lollipop and later a trip to Wendy’s.

Instead of returning home I took him to Skacel, which I told him was a yarn factory (distributor just does not sound that interesting).  I was in hunt for Divine and could not wait for it to be shipped so we went and picked it up.  Divine has 70% alpaca, 20 silk and 10% cashmere content and from the feel of it (I have a skein sitting right beside me), it is simply scrumptious.  I will be photographing and listing this beauty later this weekend.

While we were at Skacel we noticed that male to female ratio was highly in favor of the gentleman!  As you all know this is rather unusual.  I believe there is a manly knitter gathering in Seattle and my son was impressed.  He shared with one gentleman who was kind enough to listen that he too knits and that I taught him how to knit.  While this was going on I saw a face that I recognized, Franklin of The Panopticon!  At least I am fairly sure it was him.

Once we picked up the yarn we hit Wendy’s and from there it was back home for us.  By then it was getting dark, the sun we enjoyed frequently this summer went behind the clouds and it started to rain.   Once again I had managed to stall, postpone and delay what I should have done first thing in the morning: my run, walk, or whatever exercise I could squeeze in.  I put my running clothes on and procrastinated further by checking my emails.  Finally, I put my earphones on and this time That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings got me out of the door.

I cut my run short as it was getting dark but before I headed up hill (why is there always a hill at the end of every run), I took photos of the Seattle skyline.  Seattle at dusk  I am not an Aquarius, in fact I am a little Libra and some Scorpio; according to my mother I was born on the cusp (is there such a thing), but I love water.  I cannot tell you how much.  I feel lucky to live near it and blessed to be aware of its beauty, even when its cold and raining.

I hope you are well and knitting and crocheting with a smile.  Wishing you plenty of beauty in your lives.